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Building Lasting Relationships via Marketing


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In your business, many of your biggest opportunities will come form the relationships you’ve built along the way. You know, that referral that helped you secure your biggest client. The recommendation that helped you get a 6-book deal. The email that started the flurry of paid speaking engagements. The social media endorsement that sent an insane amount of traffic to your website..

It can some times feel like these opportunities fall out of the sky, but often they are the result of building loyal and lasting relationships with customers, colleagues and key influencers.

So, in this webinar we will discuss the benefits of identifying relationships that foster your long term business goals and how to become a influential leader, yourself to change someone else’s life or business in an extraordinary way. 

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Building Lasting Relationships via Marketing

  1. 1. ! Building Lasting Relationships via Marketing Live Session ! Date: May 7, 2014 ! Time: 11am PT/ 2pm ET Presenter: Stephanie Redcross
  2. 2. Marketing Isn’t A Dirty Word ✓ Strategic In Nature! ✓ Make A Commitment To Get It Done! ✓ Understand The Value! ✓ Become A Standard Business Practice Dedicate At Least 10% Of Your Time Weekly To Relationship Building Focus On The Relationship Marketing Is The Tool ✓ Increase Your People Skills! ✓ Learn How To Help Others! ✓ Understand Industry Trends! ✓ Well Informed! ✓ Collaboration Opportunities! ✓ Enhance Personal Life
  3. 3. Who To Contact Strategic Prospects Community Leaders Partnerships • Wholesale & Distributors! • Target Customer List! • Individualized Support • Promotions! • Adjacent Market! • Common Interest! • Growth Opportunity • Target Market ! • Local & Regional! • Industry Leaders! Reliable Customers People You’ve Met Existing Relationship • VIP/Above & Beyond! • Your Tribe (endorsers) ! • Instrumental In Success • Worked Together! • Live In Community! • Worked For You! • Non-Work Interaction • Event & Classes! • Recommended We Talk! • Common Interest! Identify People That Can Help You & You Can Help In A Significant Way
  4. 4. Organizing Relationships Who Is This Contact? Potential! ‣ Lead Type! ‣ Lead Status! ‣ Size Of Oppty! ‣ Type Of Oppty Experience! ‣ Prospect! ‣ Friend! ‣ Free Service! ‣ Customer Interactions! ‣ Met In Person! ‣ Phone! ‣ Online Chat! ‣ Friend In Common Industry! ‣ Veg or Vegan! ‣ Type Of Biz! ‣ Skills/Expertise
  5. 5. The Follow Up - Do’s & Don’ts Don’t Limited Yourself To Email 1. Choose A Frequency - Establish a rhythm for followup with standard timelines like weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually! 2. Have A Reason To Connect - Birthday, special event, recent article published, etc! 3. Always Provide Something Helpful - Include something that will be of value to the person that you are contacting! 4. Keep It Short, Don’t Ramble - The easier it is for your contact to read your email, the more likely they will take the time to read it. ! 5. Be Timely! - Within 48 hours of any major event — meeting someone, book launched, surgery, new baby, new job, etc ! 6. Plan Ahead - Create task, develop templates and set up tools to track information about highly valuable relationships! 7. 80/20 Rule - 80% of your follow ups, shouldn’t include anything sales related! 8. Leverage Social - Check your contacts social media accounts before hitting send
  6. 6. • Big Deals! • Large Scale Proposals! • Long-Term Partnerships! • New Opportunities! • Enter New Markets Unlock Larger Opportunities Don’t Chase The Money - Build Sustanability
  7. 7. • Develop Your Database! • Integrated with Social Media and Mobile Accessible! • Document Everything! • Track Deals & Proposals The Tools
  8. 8. Presenter: Stephanie Redcross Collaborative Business Planning - Working Together 4 or 8 Week Program! We will work together to complete a common objective over . This service is designed to provide a personalized approach to our collaboration while developing your business plan for the year. This is an opportunity to set regular meetings, request training, partner on deliverables and provide weekly support as you restructure your business.! ! Service Includes:! ✴ Initial Assessment Of Current Business Practices with Recommendations! ✴ Weekly To Do List & Deliverables! ✴ Weekly Meetings Including Training or Working Session [Screen Shares]! ✴ Online Training Videos! ✴ Email Question Support! ✴ Final Report with Weekly Accomplishments and Project Timelines For The New 3 Months Sign Up By May 11th - Get An Extra Week FREE