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Golden i3


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Golden i3

  1. 1. By B.VEERENDRA KUMAR 09QG1A1225 IV-I.T
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Golden-I is a Head Mounted Computer. Golden-i platform consist of multiple wearable wireless headset computers witch are operated by voice commands and head movements. It is a Hand free computing technology and Lightweight. Developed by Kopin Corporation. First released in 2013.
  5. 5. FEATURESGolden-i headset computers includes  Contain 15-inch HQ micro display manufactured by Kopin corporation  Operating system Windows CE 6 R3  CPU TI OMAP 600Mhz  Bluetooth 2.1  Wi-Fi technology  USB connectivity  3D Graphics Accelerators  18650 Li-ion battery  14MP Camera
  6. 6. • HQ Micro Display
  7. 7. • 14MP HQDigitalCamera
  8. 8. • Bluetooth &WIFI
  9. 9. • AdjustableEar piece
  10. 10. How it works...........? One of the unique aspects of Golden-i is graphical user interface controlled by voice or the gestures of your head. It uses the Speech Recognition software i.e VoCon3200 and motion sensing tracker . It simplifies hands-free computing with Gi-OS. Golden-i devices activated by hands-free natural speech reorganization and user gestures.
  11. 11. GI-OS SDK Gi-OS is the operating system that runs on selected Golden-i headset computers. provides a user friendly interface and a complete set of core applications. Gi-OS provides a comprehensive set of built-in applications. Gi-OS useful tool to develop voice controlled Applications.
  12. 12. GI-OS Built-in Applications are  Camera Viewer  Web Browser  Telephone dialler  Media player  Control Panel  File Explorer  Document-viewer  Email center  Web chat
  13. 13. Camera viewer •Enables users to record a video, view multiple live camera feeds, and take snapshot images.
  14. 14. Web Browser •Specifically designed to make it easy to browse the internet and open links using voice control, including support for HTML5 features
  15. 15. Telephone Dialler •Allows Golden-i to make and receive telephone calls, and manage standard telephone features such as address book and call history.
  16. 16. Media Player •Enables the user to view popular video formats on the Golden-i headset
  17. 17. Document Viewer • Enables easy viewing and panning of large documents, with zoom, paging support that also allows the user to freeze the document.
  18. 18. Control Panel • Enables the user to personalize Golden-i with their own settings and preferences.
  19. 19. Email Center • E-mail client that lets the user send, receive and view their e-mail messages, including viewing attachments.
  20. 20. Video Chat •Allows users to communicate in real- time via video and audio with a remote system and other Golden-i devices.
  21. 21. Ask Ziggy • Using speech recognition to translate speech to text, the user can ask any question simply by speaking to their Golden-i device.
  22. 22.  Golden-i Headset computers useful in  Medical  Security &defence  Field services  Logistics  construction
  23. 23. Conclusion Golden–i headset computers is hand free computing technology . It is Useful to get fast accessing of information and give accurate information . It useful in the medical, security and defence, construction etc......
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