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Online Marketing For Healthcare Industry


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Online Media strategy used targeting Consumer and Ad Partners.

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Online Marketing For Healthcare Industry

  1. 1. Online MarketingOnline Marketing Strategies ForStrategies For Healthcare CompaniesHealthcare Companies Presented by:Presented by: Veena AlmadVeena Almad
  2. 2. “A fit, healthy body- that is the best fashion statement” -Jess C. Scott Author, “The Other Side Of Life”
  3. 3. Content  Objectives of the Campaign  Target Audience (Customers)  Steps for Brand Building  Online Marketing Strategies  Social Media Platform
  4. 4. Objectives of the campaign
  5. 5. Objectives of the Campaign  Brand awareness  Increase traffic on the website  Increase email subscriptions  Increase conversation/interaction with customers online
  6. 6. How to achieve the objectives?
  7. 7. How to achieve the objectives?  Position your brand  Focus on the type of sponsors/partners you want  Find the Unique Selling Point of your brand  Promote your physicians/doctors who suggest and share information
  8. 8. Listen
  9. 9. Listen to YOUR Business Partners  What do they want? Brand awareness, brand recognition, promotions and brand relationship  Ask for feedback: What do they think about your site? Do a quick survey or analyze your brand reports.
  10. 10. Who is the target audience?
  11. 11. Target Audience (Customers)  Age: 15 & above  Location: United States  Interest: To learn about illness, treatment, medicine, and advice/suggestions from doctors.
  12. 12. Steps for Brand Building
  13. 13. Steps for Brand Building Brand Awareness Build Relationship Maintain the Costumer/Client Relationship (Sharing information)
  14. 14. What are the marketing strategies?
  15. 15. Online Marketing Strategies  SEM  Email marketing  Display Media  Website
  16. 16. Social MediaSocial Media PlatformPlatform
  17. 17. Social Media Platform  Facebook  Twitter  Digg  LinkedIn  Blogs  StumbleUpon
  18. 18.  “Respect your body. Eat well. Dance forever.” - Tom Treusdell Director, Product Marketing, Siemens Healthcare1993-2007
  19. 19. Thank you!Thank you!