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Press release job bank canada directory

  1. 1. Canadian Job Seekers, Recession Got You Down? Help’s On The Way .... New Job Bank Canada Directory Launched in Canada In a world with high unemployment, Canadian job seekers need more resources and tools to stay ahead of the stiff competition, which is the idea behind Putting the all the resources that Canadians need to find a new career—job listings, resume writing, articles giving the latest job finding information—into one easy to use web site directory makes a must for Canadians looking for a new job, a new career or change of job. In a world created by the recent recession, Canadians looking for work need to be ready for the next twenty years. The timing for launching a new jobs directory and portal could not be better. Canadian public sector jobs fell for the first time in two years. The private sector, still recovering from the recent recession, is starting to hire. In an employer market, where the hiring agents and human resource managers can pick from hundreds of applicants, those looking for work need an edge. “My pet peeve are resumes that lack the latest format or are full of misspellings,” A young hiring manager recently said to a room full of job seekers. “I mean, if I even see the wrong format for the phone number, I file that resume in the round file cabinet, which is taken out of every Thursday.” helps the Canadian looking for work avoid just traps, and help in making the job seeker stand above the fold. lists videos to guide the job seeker throughout the process, from finding a potential job, interviewing, and even salary negotiations. Job seekers need more than simply a classified ads to secure the jobs of today. has articles on how to target you resume to the market, as well as incorporate job-searching sites like to make the dream job a reality.. gathers in one simple interface, the tools needed for a successful job search. lists all of major job banks in Canada to help almost everyone looking for a job, Student, Aboriginal, Diversity and Disability. Plus, job seekers can stay current with the consistently updated blog and newsfeed. is the complete Canadian Job portal. ### For more information on Job Bank Canada Directory visit their website at