Oil And Gas Jobs In Alberta


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Alberta offers ample job opportunities for those interested in working in the oil and gas field

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Oil And Gas Jobs In Alberta

  1. 1. JobinAlberta.com Oil and Gas Jobs in Alberta, Canada While the rest of the world seems to be losing jobs at an alarming rate, the complete opposite can be said about Canada's Alberta Province. Alberta offers ample job opportunities for those interested in working in the oil and gas field. In fact, there is actually a labor shortage in Alberta, and many companies are practically begging those with certain skills to come work for them. Before one packs their bags and heads north, there are several things to keep in mind about oil and gas jobs in Alberta, Canada. Even though over one-third of Alberta's gross revenue and nearly 20% of all jobs in the province can be attributed to oil and gas, walking into an energy company and expecting them to drool over any warm body is an inaccurate representation of how the process of landing a job in this field works. Without first-hand knowledge, it is hard for a person to understand how much skill it takes to work in the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Most of the jobs in need of being filled are extremely challenging from a physical, mental and mechanical standpoint. If one is qualified and has relevant work experience, landing such jobs is a piece of cake, but be forewarned; much of this work is not for the faint of heart. Many jobs are seasonal, so that must be taken into consideration, and most of the opportunities are based out of extremely remote and isolated locations. There are many skills that are in high demand in Alberta's oil and gas industry. Those with backgrounds in construction should have little problem finding work, and there is always a need for experienced drillers, derrick hands, operators and fabrication welders. Plus, there are other opportunities for employees who cater to the needs of oil and gas workers like cooks, janitors and maintenance personnel. While there may be plenty of jobs available, what employers are looking for is quite specific, so it is important to keep this in mind if one has no experience. A person can still find entry-level work, but those positions are sought after so there is more competition. Oil and gas jobs in Alberta are indeed plentiful, but there is a catch. Most work is labor- intensive and performed in a very isolated and unforgiving environment, and travel is mandatory. Employers are looking for workers who want a career instead of those after quick cash, but there are advancement opportunities once someone gets their foot in the door. With most of the world lamenting about the lack of jobs, it is refreshing to know of a place where those willing to work hard are given a chance to do so.