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Some random motivational stories


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Motivational Stories

Published in: Business, Technology
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Some random motivational stories

  1. 1. Some Random Motivational Stories Vedpal Yadav
  2. 2. Corn Winner- Help your neighbour?
  3. 3. Innovative Solutions- Fresh FishJapan  Japanese love fresh      fish No good fish near shores Move out in sea- but fish not fresh Iced fish- still dislike Fish in water- Live but sluggish- still not liked by Japanese Solution?
  4. 4. Out of Box Thinking- Practical Solutions- Japan  Empty Soap BoxesProblem  Solution?  X-Ray  MRI  Weight difference detector system  Your economic solution?
  5. 5. Thinking like a Food Technologists  Tomatoes- From which hawker you will buy for your home and why- same price? A- All good, no pests or insects B- good, but some pests or insects in a few
  6. 6. Thief Guru  Silent Guru  Hmmmm
  7. 7. Understand others’ view first
  8. 8. Helping others- Effect  Starfish story  Helping an unknown fellow
  9. 9. Patience- A dreadful lesson?
  10. 10. Perseverance- Story of Mirinda
  11. 11. Broaden your mind- Cow Story
  12. 12. Give and live for others Bill paid in full with the glass full of milk
  13. 13. Right decision- Infamous decision  10-12 children playing on rail track  Mostly on the track in operation  One playing on a side by abandoned track  Train is coming on the track.... What will you do?  Change the track of the train to the abandoned track and let the obedient child die and or let it go over the playing children?  Famous critic Leo Velski Julian
  14. 14. Act Accordingly
  15. 15. IIT Mumbai- 1992-96 1. Your Name (2 Marks) 2. Which Tyre Burst (98 Marks) (a) Front Left (b) Front Right (c) Rear Left (d) Rear Right
  16. 16. Instead of Changing World change yourself