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Reseller Guide 2008

  1. 1. Respected Reseller, ResellerBrand is worlds First and only Company which Has Created a Business Model To Sell Wide Variety Of Products and services. We Have Slab based Discount system For All The Products and Services. Slab System begins with as low as $299 {Rs 11999} to as Reasonable as $2510000 {RS 11 crore} Bigger the Slab ! Better the Pricing and More are the Options to sell more Range of Products
  2. 2. Advance or Total Receipts Discounts over the Listed Price Slab Pricing $299 {Rs 11999 approx} 5% approx for Most of the Products $501 {Rs 21000 approx} 10% approx for Most of the Products $1100 {Rs 51000 approx} 15% approx for Most of the Products $2100 {Rs 110000 approx} 20% approx for Most of the Products $5100 {Rs 210000 approx} 25% approx for Most of the Products $11000 {Rs 510000 approx} 30% approx for Most of the Products $21000 {Rs 1100000 approx} 35% approx for Most of the Products $51000 {Rs 2100000 approx} 40% approx for Most of the Products $110000 {Rs 5100000 approx} 45% approx for Most of the Products $210000 {Rs 1.1 crore approx} 50% approx for Most of the Products $510000 {Rs 2.1 crore approx} 55% approx for Most of the Products $1100000 {Rs 5.1 crore approx} 60% approx for Most of the Products $2100000 {Rs 11 crore approx} 65% approx for Most of the Products
  3. 3. THE RESELLER PLAN: As a Reseller under the Reseller Brand Program, you will be part of a network of Resellers worldwide, which is growing at a tremendous rate every month. You and your customers can avail of numerous technological and commercial benefits that our program has to offer. Our comprehensive Product Portfolio & Control Panels maximize your Revenue potential per Customer, increase your Customer loyalty, and provide you and your Customers a single window for purchasing & managing all your Web Services. Reseller Brand allows you to sell the following Products & Services to your Resellers and Customers – ResellerBrand is Now a ISP { Internet Service Provider } and ITSP { Internet Telephony Service Provider} 1) Domain Name Registration • currently, we register domain names for the following TLDs: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .name, .in and 30+ tlds 2) • We have also been accredited for the following TLDs: .eu, .uk, .travel, .job, & will soon be providing registration for the same. 3) Web Hosting (Linux and Windows) 4) Email Hosting (with Anti-Spam and Anti-virus) 5) Website Builder Services 6) Online Live Monitoring and Chat Services 7) Domain Forwarding 8) Mail Forwarding 9) Managed DNS 10) Sms Gateway 11) VoIP {Internet Telephony} 12) Dedicated Servers {Managed and Unmanaged Solutions with Datacenter Facilities in India and usa} 13) Dedicated Managed Internet Access {Dedicated Lease Line Anywhere in India}
  4. 4. Each Reseller Brand Reseller Account comes packed with the following features: Supersite (Private Labeled, Fully Brand able and Customizable Ready-made Website) Comprehensive Control Panels Powerful Branding Features Full-control API kit (Ready made scripts in Java, Perl, PHP and .NET) Customizable Hosting Packages Integration with ANY Payment Gateway Extensive and Brand able Knowledge Base Ability to create infinite levels of Resellers Complete Business Process Automation Unbeatable Pricing: No Signup Fee: You can start reselling by simply depositing a minimum of USD 251 {Rs 10100} in your Advance Deposit Account. This amount is NOT treated as a signup fee, but will be credited to your account, and can be entirely redeemed against purchases, as and when you make them. Every time you/your customers/your resellers make any purchase, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Account. You can then refill your account, as and when your funds are close to being exhausted. No Renewal Fee: there is a time limit attached to the deposit you make. There is no monthly or yearly renewal fee either. Slab based Discounts: Our Reseller pricing is based on volumes, i.e. the pricing slabs applicable to you will depend on your total receipts with Reseller Brand. We give you complete freedom to set your own price for your Resellers and Customers. Our website
  5. 5. Private Labelled Your customers will Never discover us.
  6. 6. Sms Gateway Pricing Sms Gateway Pricing Short code services: 5 digit {per keyword price} 56677 yearly rs 60,000 53030 yearly rs 60,000 56161 monthly rs 5000 56767 monthly rs 5000 53636 monthly rs 8000 58888 monthly rs 10,000 Keyword one time Set up Price Rs 10,000 You will get your own control panel and you can make unlimited sub keywords and set the dynamic sms for each .auto/manual reply <in 2 sec of the arrival of sms or will be charged > and upto 160 charaters is free and above that sms charges as per agreed. The Person who smses on your short code Keyword Pays Rs 3 Per sms So for example :- 1 million people send you sms on your keyword on 56767 and the reply worth Rs 2 million sms will be free. You can Also Set up Your Own Short Code like 57777 or 59999 and Have Unlimited Keywords and each keyword can have unlimited sub keywords for a Set up Fee Rs 50 Lakhs and Yearly Maintenance Fee of Rs 12 Lakhs. You Can Create Admin For each Keyword.You will be Provided with a Master admin. You Can Receive Millions of Sms on every Keyword you set and they will be accessed through a internet control panel Provided by us
  7. 7. Long code services: 10 digit {per keyword price} Long Code is Has Similar Features as Short Code But only Diffrence is The Customer Pays Normal Mobile sms Charges to Send sms to your Keyword.You have Pay For the auto reply sms.You Can Decide Not to Send a Autoreply. Keyword one time Set up Price Rs 10,000 Per Key word Price is Rs 10,000 Per month on Our LongCode. You can Also Set up Your Own Long Code on any mobile number <Sim card Provided by you>and Have Unlimited Keywords and each keyword can have unlimited sub keywords for a Set up Fee Rs 12 Lakhs and Yearly Maintenance Fee of Rs 6 lakh and You Can Create Admin For each Keyword.You will be Provided with a Master admin. You Can Receive Millions of Sms on every Keyword you set and they will be accessed through a internet control panel Provided by us Autoreplys Smses Charges will be Separate according to the Monthly Sms Purchase and Consumption. It would be Priced Between 50 paise to as low as 20 paise Depending upon the Total sms Consumption. ISP (Internet Service Provider) We are Category 'A' ISP (Internet Service Provider) & ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) Licensed holder communication solutions company which is designed to mate the future technologies with your business needs. Apart from technology and service level, the uniqueness of World Phone is its focus. As a business policy, WE will serve only corporate and business enterprises like yours and not retail subscribers. We firmly believe that this focus is required to deliver quality and reliable service. We can check last mile connectivity for your office location through TATA or Bharati. The costs for the last mile connectivity will be intimate you after feasibility report.
  8. 8. Callcenter & internet telephony plans For uk and aus mobile price is rs 10 /per minute and combo plan will cost rs 11/per minute. -combo:- means calling minutes + bandwidth (subject to feasibility). -Pulse - 6/6 -CRF's +ID proof required -Activation time 24 hrs What Do I Get After Activation Of my ReseLLer Account with RESELLERBRAND ? Every ReseLLer Gets authority To access 4 Private Labelled fully automated Ecoomerce sites . Supersite Store Front for selling 80% of the products and services Sms gateway For pushing sms nationally Sms Software For Pushing sms internationally Voip Site {Launching soon} For selling voip minutes Voip Software For terminating minutes with softfone Partnersite To make Further sub resellers at infinity levels
  9. 9. Supersite: The Supersite is a completely private-labeled website for you and you’re Resellers, from where you’re Customers or your Resellers’ Customers can purchase various Reseller Brand Products. It is a comprehensive website that comes pre-fed with a large amount of marketing material to equip you/ your staff to market and sell the Products & Services more efficiently. The Supersite is provided to jumpstart your business. It allows you and your Resellers to start selling all our Products & Services within minutes of signing up. Some of the noteworthy features of the Supersite are as follows: The Supersite is Multi-tier i.e. it supports an infinite level Reseller chain. All content of the Supersite is translation-friendly. You and your Resellers can contribute to the Supersite translation effort. You and your Resellers can modify the HTML, CSS, or the Images of the Supersite allowing you full Customization of all aspects. Over 50 pages of customizable ready-made marketing content that your Customers and Resellers can refer to. A Feature-packed Shopping Cart which allows Customers to purchase Reseller Brand Products through you and your Resellers. The Shopping cart also has an intelligent product suggestion tool that automatically identifies potential services that a Customer would want to buy based on their current shopping cart contents, and prompts customers to make additional purchases, thereby increasing your revenue potential during each shopping process. You can take a sneak peek at the version of the website at:
  10. 10. TRAINING & SUPPORT We will soon begin Training for our resellers with over and above $251 slab to discuss the Fast Growing Facts in this very industry.The Training will be online/offline/telephony etc. Benefits of Managing 5000 domains. etc topics will be there. We are Soon Launching our New site name as Dynamite and we will get new products integrated including Sms Gateway / Voip / Dedicated Servers etc and the present supersite/partnersite model will be removed provided by Public domain registry. Dynamite site will include everything that present storefront has + there will be more products to sell like sms gateway which are selling Hot! in the same infinity reseller plan. Resellerbrand will soon apply for icann registration and after the success we will further reduce all the prices for domain names. We also Suggest all the Resellers To Open a Zero balance current account with indusind Bank on their new .Com Company name for smooth financial Transactions with {No compulsion only suggestion} We definitely have competitors in this industry but we can assure you about the pricing and also since we are soon going to become an Icann Registrar we will get the worlds best pricing and all the present resellers will get the benefit of the same. Our Vision is to see every Indian Charged up with intense knowledge about Information Technology by putting forward simple steps towards creating their online identity. Today 60% of the brain in the 500 fortune companies and web development and software development companies are Indian. Companies like Microsoft; Yahoo etc is 60% staffed by Indians .Reseller brand desires to have Indians growing in Hosting Technology too which is the Foundation of Software and websites.
  11. 11. ABOUT US Reseller brand is supported by Agarwal Group of Industries, Pioneer in cloth manufacturing since last 25 yrs. Reseller brand was conceptualized and started By Gajanand Agarwal. Mr. Agarwal has intense experience in this industry since last 7 yrs and has trained and participated as a trainer for many institutions ,he has hosted many forums and groups on web technology topics with a membership of 60,000 + active audience. He has Great Communication skills and He is a Powerful Motivational Trainer. Being Born on Brought Up in a Powerful Business Class Family – He has Lived Business all his Life. Agarwal says ”We Live innovation. Ethics, morality, honesty, quality, integrity, intense respects for associates are the bricks of our foundation .We expect and share this feel with all our associates. “ WHO IS ELIGIBLE? HOW TO GROW? We would like to brief you about the benefits of becoming Reseller with Reseller brand provides every Reseller with a 50 + pages Storefront with all the products like domains, web space, ssl certificates, live chat services etc to sell as your brand. {Store Front is Worth 3 million if you Try Getting it designed from your web developer.} You collect the money from your customers, you set your own price, we just Share a relationship with certain set price as working capital. For example: Let’s Assume Your Price for your customers is Rs 500 for a domain name and our price to you is Rs 300 as per the slab you choose. Then when your customers order gets approved you receive Rs 500 in your Bank account and we Deduct Rs 300 from the deposit you have made to us. Every Transaction is automated and every person in the Transit Receives invoice From the Right Representative. None of your Customers Can ever discovers us. Your branded site looks exactly like the image of supersite aboove and you can change the logo as your brand like may be InfoTech systems etc. We are Not Asking you to pay a hefty Amount of Few Lakhs which needs to get started in web hosting. We are not asking you for a setup fee/annual Fee /no investment. We are Just Asking you since the most expensive product in the storefront is worth $251 and above -- Please Keep a Refundable Deposit of $251 with us so that when a customer visits your site and pays for the product we can directly debit your account with the same amount of balance/deposit and your customer can start using the product instantly otherwise -- the customer will need to wait another few days until and unless you deposit a required amount with us to deduct for the transaction to process your customers orders. So Professionally Speaking We Can guarantee and Challenge. No Web hosting industry in the world has similar offer. Even the world’s best charge a Fee of $249/yr
  12. 12. to consider you as their reseller and whether you sell or not you still have to pay that fee. So y not Join us and Get the Best Pricing and if after 2 months later you decide you can’t do it -- you email us your Request for Refund and we will send you all the balance refund in time. So we Say No investment/NO annual Fee /No Risk Do You Think? There is any risk? Do you think You are really doing an Investment? Do you think You are paying anything that will not come back? Any Small and Big Enterprise Dealing with people and products related to internet and computers can go about this Program. You don’t need any technical skills to start. Basic computer knowledge is enough to start this business. We are Giving you a Completely Readymade webhosting company worth minimum Few Millions {a team of 50 developers have designed it in 5 yrs} completely Free for you to sell all our products on your brand. None of your Customers will ever discover us. You set your profit and collect money from your customers in your bank accounts. We assure you, your decision to join us for this Partnership will help your Grow and Get Good name in this Industry. Reseller Brands Reseller Program will help you make more money with your present client base by providing them more personal services. Our Average Reseller earns more than Rs 10,000 or more in a month by selling products and services. Our Prices are so competitive that you get a chance to make more mark up profit on your Sale Price. For Example :- Our Price For .Com domain name is as low as Rs 260 to Rs 360 depending upon the slab you choose and Selling price of the same product at popular sites like Rediff and India times is Rs 450 and above. Our Price For web space is as low as Rs 650/yr to Rs 1300/yr depending upon the slab you choose for 1 gb space which is sold in international market for as high as Rs 12999/yr . Our Price for email hosting is as low as Rs 300/yr to Rs 900/yr depending upon the slab you choose for 1 email account as which is sold by international companies for as high as Rs 2999/yr.
  13. 13. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF TAKING A HIGHER SLAB ? WHY PEOPLE TAKE HIGHER SLAB? Resellerbrand Has nothing to do with your deposit whether you pay for a big slab or a small slab. We just need commitment from you for us to give you best rates.we cannot give the lowest rates to people who have not made commitments for high amount of sale. So as a Reseller You can choose To take a lower slab of $251 or above and sell and when it is exhausted or used up you again refill it by another $251 or above once you refill it by another $251 from that time onwards your pricing will be of $501 &above slab automatically. as your receipts has crossed $501 slab which is $251+$251 =$502 . But some of our resellers wanted the pricing of $5100 from the day they started the business so that they can make more profit by selling the same products so they choose to deposit $5100 and above . Secondly this is a Service industry. Just Like we don’t ask or say in 5 star hotel that their prices are too high as compared to others as we know we are been charged for the services similarly even in this industry you can charge a profit as per the kind of service you provide to your customers. Every Reseller who joins our program receives 2 DVD Set of 79,000 web templates {worth Rs 15,999} .Theycan use these templates to make readymade sites. For example :- a standard price of a 10 page website is Rs 5000 – Rs 7000.You can use these Readymade templates to design websites for your customers in no time by customizing the readymade pages by changing the Text etc{Dreamweaver software Is Best for customizing } and if you make even 10-15 such sites in a month you can earn huge income. Best part about this industry is any effort made by you towards acquisition of a customer will reap you profit for lifetime. For example: - you sold 10 packages of web space and domain name in this month and you gained a profit of Rs 10,000 .now let’s assume you did the same for the next 12 months. And earned around 120,000. Now Next year all your customers will renew their domains and web packages so that income is profit without efforts and anything above that you do is again adding to your lifetime gain. So every customer you acquire will pay you every year till he or his company exist. So your focus should be to acquire more and more customers. Secondly you can sell your present customers your other products and services also and you’re other customers hosting services. People are looking for such things but they are not getting a right source. Cybercafés, computer Dealers, internet service providers etc are already selling similar products and by becoming Reseller with Reseller brand they can start selling webhosting & domain products and make more money from present client base. Soon we are launching internet telephony services and sms gateway for our Resellers and everyone will get chance to cater them to their customers. For all the marketing support and any other queries you can directly write me or meet me {appointment is necessary} my email is and direct number is 91 98 19 0 19 0 19. We Hope we have clarified and covered almost all the aspects in its entire understanding. if any questions/doubts Get back to us via email/phone .We Hope This Information Helps you take quick decisions to grow fast.
  14. 14. I trust this has been of assistance to you. If you need any more queries clarified, do get back to us at . Looking forward to doing business with you. Act Now /Grow Now Thank You for Reading my words. Happy Reselling/Sell fast/Grow fast More you Sell More You Profit. Your Eternal Servant Gajanand Agarwal Director & Chairman [ ] Lead visionary, Digital surfing team WHY should I start selling? Today the web hosting market is the fastest growing Internet sector in the world! Web hosting revenue will reach tens of billions of dollars this decade alone. Why? Simply because, nowadays, everybody could use a website! According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), within the next 10 years, it is predicted that everyone in the world who wishes to have Internet access, will. How big is the market for web hosting then? Billions of people! Why can’t you own a piece of the internet YOUR SELF!
  15. 15. WHO should I sell websites or web hosting to? Start small, grow big! Start by selling websites and of course the home for the website itself (a web hosting account) to people YOU KNOW! If there is someone who could explain it better on what a website can do, it would be the person they trust. People they know, not corporations! Start selling to your friends, family members, community members, existing clients or customers, and so on! When you get the hang of it, you are ready to start selling to a broader market! We will guide you all through the way! WHAT would I be selling? You will be selling a ONE STOP SOLUTION package to your end customers! You will be able to sell domain names, the website itself (website design or pre-design websites templates), the web hosting account (the home for the website to reside on), email accounts, e-commerce package (for your customer to start selling online), and lastly the web marketing package for your customer to get visitors. The BEST thing is you will be selling all these goodies under YOUR OWN BRAND! With YOUR OWN PLANS WITH YOUR OWN PRICES! WHY SHOULD I JOIN RESELLER BRAND TO START MY OWN ONE STOP WEB HOSTING SOLUTION? WE GOT PLENTY OF REASONS! Rock Solid Hardware and Software At Reseller brand, we only use the best and highest quality equipment to host your customer websites. We are using the highest end of Intel Blade Servers, state of the art firewall and network security systems. Aside from our strong dedication to high equipment and application standards, we are known to have the most knowledgeable and skillful system engineers to assure the highest level of reliability and security delivered to your end customers. Anonymity Complete transparency in every aspect allows you to fulfill your services without the worry of being discovered that you are using Reseller brand. All of this is designed so you can concentrate on selling and make money while Reseller brand does all of the hard technical work behind the scenes. You are free to sell each account under your own brand name and charge your customers whatever you want. This allows you to have the look and feel of
  16. 16. your own web hosting company. You will be assigned your own private name servers ( & All of your customer will be using that assigned name servers. You will also get a FREE choice of integrated, fully automated e-commerce enabled corporate website of your own! No other provider offers this! Complete Branding & Instant Corporate Website You will have your own branded control panel URL, DNS server names, company information, corporate logos and all other parameters visible from the user's control panel. You will appear to your end customers as a totally independent web hosting provider. Furthermore, your control panels are inaccessible by IP Address, which excludes the possibility of accidental or intentional visits to our control panel or website. You will also have a fully branded corporate website, complete with a real time network status page, end users online documentation, FAQ, and tutorials. This website will be created INSTANTLY when you have finished configuring your company's web hosting plans and prices. The most breathtaking feature of the corporate website is that your corporate website’s look will auto-adapt to major holiday seasons! Complete Automation Our system takes the word automation to a new level. Automated customer signup, monthly billing and domain name registration are now possible. All new signups and domain registration are automated in real time. Your customers will receive their logins within seconds of making payments. In short, just sit back and see the money roll in to your bank account! Advanced Mail System with Anti Virus and Anti SPAM You will be able to offer your clients our state-of-the-art advanced mailing system. We have an integrated anti-virus and anti-spam mail filtering which your clients can customize themselves to prevent unwanted email messages or unsolicited emails to ever arrive on their mailboxes. More advanced mailing systems are also included for you to offer to your end users.
  17. 17. Full-featured Admin Control Panel Resellers act as completely independent hosting providers, while selling our resources as their own. Each reseller gets an independent admin control panel, which gives them the power to create their own hosting plans, provide customer support and perform all other administrative tasks. Sell ALL in ONE Solutions (Domains, Websites, MS Windows & UNIX Hosting, Emails, and Web Marketing) Other upstream provider will only give you the ability to sell so limited services towards your end customers. Why sell only UNIX hosting when you can sell both UNIX and MS Windows based accounts! You will be able to offer all the features that we currently offer. You will be able to sell Windows based accounts with .NET, Cold Fusion, and MS SQL Server 2000 databases, or the flexible and powerful UNIX based hosting accounts. Let your customer choose their platforms; don't lose all those sales that are supposed to happen because you are not offering both hosting platforms. That is not all of it! You will also be able to offer your end customer domain name registrations, websites, web hosting accounts and email accounts to ensure the success of your customer’s online presence! QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS {Take a Print out and Stick it in the most visible area of your Shop/showroom} this will surely work for you to get more customers. Why do I need a website? What if I already have a website?
  18. 18. Why shouldn't I use a free website service or a packaged website? Design program? How much will it cost and how do I get started? What if I don't know what I need? Can you create a custom website for me if I have a small budget? How can I complete the quote request if I don't know website terminology? How long will it take? Who owns the completed website? What will you do to make my website search engine friendly? Can you obtain for me a top ranking for search engines? Why do I need a website? In today's world, potential clients/customers expect businesses to have A website. Having a quality website will give your company credibility. If your competition has a website, they have an edge over you to Attract your potential clients/customers. Potential clients/customers can get more information about your Business (products, services, directions, promotions) after being Exposed to your company's name from an advertisement, business card or Conversation. It is more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and Longer lasting to communicate with potential clients/customers on your
  19. 19. Website than through expensive print media. You can reduce the amount of time and energy your customer service Representatives spend answering potential clients/customers' questions By posting information and FAQ's (frequently asked questions) on your Website. Your business is open 24 hours a day. You can receive instant customer feedback about your products and/or Products. The percentage of shoppers using the internet continues to grow. You can network potential clients/customers from all over the world. You can attract shoppers with healthy incomes who can afford to have Fast internet service that makes shopping online more enjoyable. If you have a local business, you can expand your potential Client/customer base by being listed in the "regional" sections of Directories such as Google and Yahoo. You can open an online store for a fraction of the cost of a "brick or Timber" storefront. Without a mandatory 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. presence or Additional overhead costs such as rent and utilities, you can attract Potential customers by having detailed and organized product Information pages and a user-friendly shopping cart system. If you are a physician, attorney, or accountant, you can use a website To promote your practice by posting your profile, explaining your Client services, having a FAQ's page, giving contact information with Directions and a map, and having an online newsletter. If you are an artist, musician, or author, you can use a website to Promote and/or sell your works of art. Artists can have an online gallery, musicians can have online players that produce samples of Their music and authors can post samples of their writings. If you would like to keep far-flung family members close together And/or would like to create a family history that can last for Generations, you can use a personalized family website to create a "Cyber home". Your family's website can include a login screen (to Insure privacy), a slide-show/flash-movie, a photo album, a pedigree Chart, a chat room, favorite recipes, a calendar of birthdays and Anniversaries, e-cards with your families own photos, and biographies Of family members. What if I already have a website? There are millions of websites on the internet that do not work Properly and/or are outdated, and your website may be one of them. It's Very important for a website to be kept up to date, or it can reflect Poorly on you, your business and/or practice and maintaining it is not An easy thing to do.
  20. 20. We would be happy to work with you on redesigning a website you can Be proud of. Why shouldn't I use a free website service or a packaged website? Design program? It takes a lot of time and skill to develop a website that is modern, Attractive, clean, organized user-friendly, search engine friendly and Designed specifically to suit your requirements. Only you can decide if You can afford to take time away from your business to build your Website. You may be making better use of your time and money by having Someone else work on your website projects. How much will it cost and how do I get started? Each custom website that we design is unique. The cost depends on the Size and complexity of the website you desire. We offer a free no obligation price quote that will give you an idea As to how much your project will cost. Please fill out our quote Request form and let us know what functions, features and/or services You would like to include. (Don't worry if you don't know exactly what You want.) We also welcome any information that may help us understand what you Are looking for in your website project. Please send us addresses of Websites you appreciate, and let us know what you like about them such As layout and colors. (We won't copy them. They will only help us learn More about what you like.) We are more than happy to discuss your Ideas, requirements, and budget, offer professional advice and help you Make decisions. We create quality custom websites while keeping our Prices affordable. If you decide to accept our bid, we will send you a contract that Includes the functions, features and/or services you have requested. We Have no hidden charges. We will design your website at a private site where you will be able to Observe and comment as it progresses. What if I don't know what I need? If you don't know what to request, ask yourself what it is that you Want your website to do. Will its main function be to attract new Clients/customers, or do you simply want to provide existing customers
  21. 21. With information? Do you plan to sell products from your website, or do? You just want to advertise your business or practice? Do you want your Website to be user-friendly, search engine friendly, organized, and/or Clean? Make notes of your thoughts. Study the websites of your competitors. Make a list of the things you Like and don't like about their websites, as well as any ideas you Might have that you feel will make your website better than theirs. Can you create a custom website for me if I have a small budget? We can help you get started with a simple quality website. You may only Need an initial home page, an information page about your products or Services, a profile page, and a contact page. We will still put our Creativity into your project and design an organized, beautiful website That you can add onto later. How can I complete the quote request if I don't know website terminology? Many or our clients were just like you when they first started working With us. To make it easier for our potential clients, we created a Quote request form that describes the functions and features that we Were frequently asked about in the past. If you're filling out the Quote request and you don't know the meaning of a term, click on it and An explanation wills popup. How long will it take? It usually takes between one month to several months, depending on the Size and complexity of your website project. Who owns the completed website? Once we have received you final payment you will have complete Ownership of your new website.
  22. 22. What will you do to make my website search engine friendly? We will integrate pacific written content about your products and/or Services in the code behind your website pages, where the search engine Robots will crawl on your website looking for content. Pacific written Content is what your potential customers/clients will look for at Search engines as they try to find your website. After your website has been completed we will register or submit your Website to several major search engines including Yahoo and Google, Which will let them know that your website exists? Can you obtain for me a top ranking for search engines? Yes we can