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User Persona vs Buyer Persona: Key Differences


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What are buyer personas and what are user personas? Is there any difference between these two? At UXPressia ( we wanted to answer these questions in our blog ( and here are some slides for SlideShare lovers.

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User Persona vs Buyer Persona: Key Differences

  2. 2. User Persona Buyer Persona uses your product or service directly. makes the decision to purchase your product or service. Both are still personas so all persona rules apply to buyer and to user personas as well.
  3. 3. Between a buyer persona and a user persona is that a buyer persona isn’t necessarily a user. But they can be. The main difference
  4. 4. A persona may buy it for their own use, so, in this case, they are buyers and users at the same time. But what it they buy a computer for their employee? Now they become buyer personas while the employee is just a user persona. Consider buying a computer
  6. 6. USER PERSONA Description • A user persona might not be a buyer. • It might not even be their decision to use your product or service. • They may even dislike it but still have to use it because of the management.
  7. 7. USER PERSONA Goals • Ease of use • Flat and short learning curve • They want something to make their job easier, not harder!
  8. 8. USER PERSONA Focus on • Their skills • Previous experiences • Technologies they use or used to use.
  10. 10. BUYER PERSONA Description • Often a buyer persona is a number of decision makers (especially in B2B). • There might be end users among them. • They may be supervisors, managers of all kinds, IT guys and even CEO. Each of them has their own goals and expectations.
  11. 11. BUYER PERSONA Goals • Buyer personas tend to have higher level goals than users • They may pursue things like high ROI • Buyer personas may want to see how your product will help them achieve their strategic goals in the long run • They may want your product to have a flat learning curve so that it doesn’t take forever for employees to learn
  12. 12. BUYER PERSONA Questions • How secure is your solution? • Is it easy to integrate your product with the existing infrastructure • Does it require extensive support once implemented? With this variety of goals and questions you might end up creating multiple buyer personas.
  13. 13. KEY POINTS vs. • User personas focus on details such ease of use. • User personas may have influence on the final decision. • Skills and previous is critical when creating a user persona. • Buyer personas are more focused on higher level goals like ROI. • Buyer persona can be actually a whole team of decision makers. • Goals and expectations are critical when creating a buyer persona. They all can be both users and buyers at the same time.
  14. 14. AND FINALLY But there is a great online solution you can use now to create, share and export both buyer and user personas Managing personas can be frustrating