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Bears and Bulls- Personalities at work


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Corporate life is a jungle. You come across all kinds of animals. To survive it would be good to study the Jungle and its animals. this presentation shares with you a look at the Bulls and Bears ! Ever found something being done which is not going to solve the problem ? Ever find something being done because it was planned ? If yes, you need to view this

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Bears and Bulls- Personalities at work

  1. 1. Bulls and Bears A few thoughts
  2. 2. What is this about ? Stock market ? Share prices ? Indices ? Funds ? Primary Markets ? Actually…No Bulls and Bears
  3. 3. How it started A blog post of Seth Godin started off these thoughts ! Bulls and Bears
  4. 4. What does he say… Let's define "bear shaving" as the efforts we go to do deal with the symptoms of a problem instead of addressing the cause of the problem. Bulls and Bears
  5. 5. How true… Bulls and Bears
  6. 6. I look around and see… • Brand not doing well: Who told you ? Somebody who is not even your TG. What do you do ?- Implement a branding plan. That's shaving the bear. Would it not make sense to speak to your actual TG first? • Productivity is down: How do you know ? Your customer tells you so. What do you do ? Increase workload. That's shaving the bear. Would it not make sense to establish benchmarks and assess workforce first? Bulls and Bears
  7. 7. • If you look around, you will find many such examples at work, at home and everywhere else. • Let me just say, I believe it is normal human behavior to shave the bear. Hold that thought for a moment though Bulls and Bears
  8. 8. Who are the bulls ? Bulls are what they are…Bull headed ‘Escalated to commitment’ Market scenarios change, but operational plans do not. Why ? Because you have committed to it. That’s escalation to commitment Bulls and Bears
  9. 9. IMAGINE Bulls and Bears
  10. 10. WHEN THE BULLS AND BEARS MEET Bulls and Bears
  11. 11. Expect Chaos Bulls and Bears
  12. 12. Let us choose a case Your customers are not using their ‘loyalty’ card frequently enough. You are a retail chain with stores all over the country. Your stores provide a variety of brands. Bulls and Bears
  13. 13. Bulls and bear at work Bear at work Bull at work • Set a target on sales staff to • Change the way your loyalty ensure customers use their program is branded loyalty card • Incentivize sales staff • Change the material of the card Guess who’s forgotten ? Bulls and Bears
  14. 14. Your Customer ? Bulls and Bears
  15. 15. What does your customer say ? “ I do not use my loyalty card because the points do not correspond to a large discount and I have to wait too long in the loyalty counter” SIMPLE ? Bulls and Bears
  16. 16. How do you avoid this ? Bulls and Bears
  17. 17. Avoidance • Establish Authority • Establish contact (with relevant entities) • Double check data • When in the doubt, ask the specialists • Listen to common sense, most of the time it is right Bulls and Bears
  18. 18. For in-depth knowledge on this subject Bulls and Bears
  19. 19. Study your surroundings Check cause-symptom relationships Have fun doing this ! It is fun, trust me. Bulls and Bears