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Ks 306 Motion Sensor user's manual


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Security Solution of indoor wireless motion detector, pet immunity body sensor, home alarm systems, home security systems, alarm control systems, remote home monitor, Infrared detector, home protection systems, wireless alarm systems.
Guide to install home or office indoor security alarm systems, intrusion detection parts, detectors to installed for window, downstairs, hallways, inside rooms security equipment, security & protection devices.

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Ks 306 Motion Sensor user's manual

  1. 1. KS-306FCT KS-306FCT wireless curtain passive infrared detector adopts advanced illegible logic intelligent recognising technology. It can detect KS-306FCT Wireless Curtain PIR Detector the intruder crossing the defence area. It is with automatic temperature compensation and intelligent direction recognising function. It has the advantage of low rate of false alarm, stable and easy installation in the window, aisle and so on. 1.Main functions and features * Anti- electromagnetic interference and spotlight; pet immune and low false alarm *The static current is particularly small, and two pieces of size “AA” dry battery can be used for one year *Two levels sensitivity setup, temperature compensation. *One-way or two ways (direction) alarm are available. *Directional recognition and time are adjustable in one-way mode. *Easily installed on the wall or ceiling. *Wireless transmission adopts SAWF 2.Cover opening (1) Open Users’ Manual Insert the “-” screwdriver Unclench the screwdriver R emove the cover and upright to the back hole of and the open the cover install the battery or set the unit if n eed V2.0 -1- KS-306FCT KS-306FCT (2) Close Transmitter jumper: be used for transmitting only. Indicator: Flash once: power on and initializing Flash twice: finish initializtion/returning time arrival or trigger again in returning time Flash three times: when detecting intruder, it will send alarm signal to panel Match the hole of cover and press to close Flash five times: when detecting person goes from inside to outside, it wont send alarm signal to panel. Flash once every five seconds: battery low, please replace battery 3.Component Description immediately. Flash once per five seconds: low power Infrared sensor: to detect the body infrared signal, it required to keep in cleanness Detective distance option(JP5) Jumper inserted: high sensibility, detective distance is 1-8m(default) Jumper removed: low sensibility, detective distance is 1-4m Please choose the low sensibility if it meets the requirement Anti-temper switch: when shell be opened and destroyed, the detector will alarm Battery case: put in two pieces of size “ AA” dry battery with the right polarity as picture Function jumper: (3) Jp1: Mode option: to choose the working mode 8 (Note) (5) (6) (7) 4° √ √ × √Alarm √ × √ × No Alarm A B A B A B (4) Alarm in two directions A larm in o ne dire ction Mode 1 A larm in one direction Mode 2 -2- -3-PDF created with pdfFactory trial version
  2. 2. KS-306FCT KS-306FCT Jumper removed: alarm in two directions, as picture 5,it will alarm Body Moving W in d ow an d doo r Barrier both from A to B and B to A (default) Jumper inserted:alarm in one direction, as picture 6 and 7, it will alarm Air-condition Carbinet only in one direction, which depends on the Jp2 JP2: Direction option: to choose the direction when alarm in one direction (only available for one direction mode) Jumper Removed:one direction mode 1, as picture 6, it will alarm from A to B but not B to A (default) Jumper inserted:one direction mode 2, as picture 7, it will alarm from B × × × × (8) (9) (10) (11) 4.Installation requirement to A but not A to B As picture 8, stand off from the door and windows,,stand off the It will be an opposite alarm direction with the JP2 jumper and without straight light (eg. Spotlight) JP3: Returning time: to set up the longest lasting time when the person As picture 9, the detector is sensitive with the air convection and comes across from one direction to another before returning back.(only temperature, so stand off the warm or cold sources and heavy air available for one direction mode in JP1) convection, eg.,air flowing place, air-condition,electric radiators,door and Jumper removed: 15 seconds (default) windows, etc. Jumper inserted:4 minutes The infrared detector has the highest sensitivity when a human body Eg: In JP1 Mode with jumper inserted (alarm in one direction), In JP2 moves parallel with the detector , pic 5, and the sensitivity is the lowest mode with jumper removed (one direction mode 1, pic 6), in JP3 mode when vertically against the detector, pic 10. with jumper removed (maximum 15 seconds), as picture 6 There is no barrier within the defended area of a detector, as pic 11 If person comes from A to B, it will alarm Choose the best location according to the requirement. If person comes from B to A, the detector will count the time and has two ( 12 ) Installation cases: Ceiling The detector won’t alarm if the person comes back from A to B within 15 seconds The detector will alarm if the person comes back from A to B beyond 15 seconds Wireless addressable code: not need to change it unless needed , If needed please do it under the professional instruction. Wall Wall 1 0 0° -4- -5- KS-306FCT KS-306FCT 3 times, then the panel alarms. disarm the panel immediately and arm 5.Installation and being used again, come across the detector after waiting for 8 seconds, and see if it Open the shell and set if needed, pic 1 alarms again. If it alarms in some times when testing, it is ok and can be Put in the battery with the right polarity as picture 3, the indicator flash used. once, and it begins to initialize If simulative test is failure, please check the setting and installation to It finishes the initialization with flash twice. Then register the detector see if they are correct. and test again until it is successful. to the panel (utilizing the anti-temper switch to trigger detector is Note: The detector is designed for indoor use only. available). Arm the panel, and trigger the anti-temper (press the anti- Every alarm requires 8 seconds minimum interval. temper metal bar for 2 seconds and loosen it), the detector will emit the For each setup, it is required to re-install the battery and power on again signal and flash three times, and the panel alarms, that is finished. If to get effect. failure, try again. It is required to inspect the detector periodically, and repair if any trouble. Cover the shell, as pic 2, have a motion about 20cm in front of If it is in battery low (flash every 5 seconds), change the battery detector to create a simulative alarm to test, if it is not meet the immediately to avoid alarm lose. requirement, it have to reset. 6.Technical Parameter Fasten the mounting bracket on the required place with nail or Detective distance: <8 m screw, pic 13, and then mount the detector bearer on the bracket, as pic Detective angle: as picture 5 and 12 14, adjust the angle and screw the bearer in the bracket . Then put out the Working voltage: DC3V(2pcs, Size AA dry battery 1.5V) full antennas to reach the better effect. Initialization time: 20-120 seconds Create a simulative alarm:arm the panel, after initialization, the human Standby current: <60u A body move across the detector, as pic 6 and 7, and the indicator will flash Emission frequency:433.92MHz Working temperature: -10C-+50C Wireless distance:1-400m(in the open area) Time between two alarm: >8s Size: 110mmX70mmX40MM Net weight: 103g(without battery) ( 13 ) ( 14 ) ( 15 ) ( 16 ) -6- -7-PDF created with pdfFactory trial version