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Why are these learning approaches important for a system/embedded programming student


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Approached that a embedded Linux or system programming student must possess

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Why are these learning approaches important for a system/embedded programming student

  1. 1. Why are these Learning Approaches Important for a System/Embedded Programming Student By Raghu Bharadwaj Lead trainer @ Veda Solutions
  2. 2. Are You Fundamentally a Programmer? Ask this question to your selves. See if you really ENJOY programming. If the answer is a strong YES then look no further to master System/Embedded programming skills Remember that it’s not about knowing language syntax but your HABIT and ability to write programs to solve a given scenario 1
  3. 3. It’s about Perception Not Information Engineering graduates instinctively look for more and more information but fail to recognize the need to improve their perception. What you need is the right training methodology and process which can broaden your perception 2
  4. 4. Forget Syntax, Get the Big Picture Most student instinctively look to understand the syntax of the program and fail to look at the concept, design of the program, programming methodology and standards. If you are fundamentally strong in programming, get the big picture first and look at ways to implement it later vs. How? Why? What? 3
  5. 5. Give Yourselves Time You may not get core programming skills in the first go. Every student has his own pace of learning. So give time to learn, do not rush and do not feel bad about learning it slow It’s all about proper comprehension not about learning it fast 4
  6. 6. Learn to build a Career Not a Job Most fresh graduates are worried about getting a job rather than building a career. Remember that this will make you look for shortcuts to get a job rather than doing what is necessary to build a career Students focusing on careers have a satisfying and fulfilling life than students who are hasty to get a first job 5
  7. 7. Avoid Easy Options Shortcuts • Prepare for interview questions and get through • Join mediocre institutes offering real-time projects and look for placements • Completely rely on placement guarantee options If you succeed you will suffer your success The Right Approach • Have a very generalized view of things so that you can face any interview questions • Work hard to increase your understanding of the subject You will always succeed and enjoy your career 6
  8. 8. Ask the Right Questions Do not avoid asking your trainer/mentor what you feel is important to deepen your understanding Try asking questions which can accentuate your thinking process Avoid questions which makes your trainer/mentor repeat what he just spoke, unless really important. 7
  9. 9. Come Prepared to Learn Do not come with preconditioned ideas. Be open to what you listen Be relaxed and take a shower in tepid water if possible before coming to the class Sit in a comfortable position, possibly with your spine erect Avoid deviations like talking to your friend and using your phone 8
  10. 10. Have the Right Guide Having the right trainer or guide is of extreme importance. It will make things easier and faster for you. Look for a trainer who can work on increasing your perception and not on giving you heaps of information. 9
  11. 11. Students Who Followed These Tips Raghu Sir is the one who introduced me to the "World of Linux" when I was a student. Since then many years passed by but he still remains my role model. He is the best mentor I have ever come across. His domain expertise and patience makes him the best in this field. Wish you great success ahead. Priya Saxena, Lead at Cloudhouse Technologies Ltd. (Greater London, UK) Working with Mr. Raghu Bhardawaj is an experience which will leave you yearning for more and more to learn. He has set bench marks in delivering trainings and I hope to have more of such wonderful sessions with him. His training is skillfully organized and provide in depth analysis in the subject, which gives the participant not just a fantastic learning experience but also encourages to enhance self learning skill with hands on examples. No wonder that is the reason why his trainings are the best in the arena of Embedded software. I wish Mr. Raghu Bharadwaj many more successful milestones in his career. Karthik Satya, SSE at L&T Infotech, (Japan) I’ve got trained in Linux kernel/device driver development in 2004 from Bharadwaj and he helped me to become expert in power management for platforms like phones/tablets/2-1's. his expertise/training helped to bridge the gap b/w HW/SW. So I get to be the one in that specialization at my current job. V Venkateswarulu, Sr. Systems Software Engineer at (Intel Corporation) and over 3000 more…
  12. 12. About the Author Raghu Bharadwaj Lead trainer at Veda Solutions with 14 years of experience in delivering core Linux programming courses Conducted over 40 corporate trainings to over 25 clients including Xilinx, Sasken, Braodcom, GE, TCS, TechMahindra etc. Trained over 7000 participants from over 75 major companies like Qualcomm, AMD, TCS, Polycom, Cavium, Juniper, Robert Bosch, Smart Play, Cognizant etc. First trainer in India to offer Linux Kernel and Device Drivers course
  13. 13. Thank You All the points mentioned here come from my experience as a trainer for over a decade. I have put this with at most sincerity and the hope that you will benefit from this. If you think this has helped you. Please share this and help others succeed. If you have any suggestions or feedback, do write to me. Sincerely, Raghu Bharadwaj