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Career Counseling


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Career Counseling

  1. 1. Career Counseling on Embedded/System Software
  2. 2. If you are: Looking to make a career in the Embedded/System Software development Confused on how to start up and get going in this field Unable to understand what skills to learn in Embedded/System Software domain What are the different options to learn these skills? What learning option best suits you and why? What kind of jobs and industry to look for? Does Embedded/System Software development suit you at all …..Then
  3. 3. Our specialized career counseling is precisely designed to answer all these questions and give you even more which is extremely necessary for any wannabe Embedded/System Software developer
  4. 4. The whole process is highly customized to suit every individual based on their specific queries or their present state of understanding. In general our counseling sessions focuses on these aspects: Candidature evaluation Understanding current day skill requirements Evaluating the candidate’s learning patterns Suggesting best learn pattern Concluding on what skills to learn Closing remarks Addressing other specific issues works it How
  5. 5. Counseling highlights Candidates will gain tremendous clarity on the whole domain of Embedded/System Software development Understand how and where to begin and where to end Understanding the mindset of a Embedded/System Software Engineer Unbiased suggestions and closing remarks
  6. 6. How are we able to do this? Unmatched experience of 1.5 decades in training and consulting exclusively on Embedded/System Software Development Trusted by over 25 clients when it comes to training their employees on Embedded/System Software Development. Clients include Xilix, GE, Cognizant, Sasken, Tech Mahindra, Braodcom, CMC and lots more Counseling team headed by Raghu Bharadwaj, India’s most prolific and desired trainer on Embedded/System Software development Continuous interaction with leading Embedded/System Software Development companies
  7. 7. Fix your counseling session now. It’s FREE Just call 9885808505 or shoot an email to fix your counseling session, only at Veda Solutions (