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After the overwhelming response for Groove Search V1.0 and after carefully analyzing our user feedbacks, we present you the much improved version of Groove search v1.1.It is designed to search forms/files/contacts/messages/discussions in Groove accounts. It gives you results which are directly linked to the tools in Groove.The results are displayed in the form of tree which can then be opened up for details.

The significant features are:

1. Multiple search.
2. Categorized results.
3. Browsing results when search is in progress.
4. easily terminate search, if needed.
5. Search discussions/forms/files/contacts/messages.
6. Search filters to get the precise data.
7. Cache previous search.
9. Link back search results to Groove by double clicking on the search results.
10. Directly open files from search results, edit and save. Get to know where file is saved in workspace.
11. Export data to excel or print results.
12. User friendly UI.
13. Auto login to account, if user has not logged in.
14. Its free.

Limitations for Groove 3.1 users:
1. Auto - login not supported
Groove 2007 users, if not logged will be automatically logged in but Groove 3.1 users cannot be

logged in automatically.

2. Link back to discussion and calendar tools
Although Groove Seach 1.1 supports complete link back to discussions/forms/calendar entry in

theirrespective tool, it doesn't support the same for 3.1. However it will open the correct


To download the tool:
To contact us mail us at :

1. Windows Xp SP3 or higher
2. .net framework 3.5 SP1.
3. microsoft Office Groove 2007

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Groove Search Tool - Help

  1. 1. Groove Search User Guide
  2. 2. Groove Search – Startup Account selection window Pre - requisite - You will see this window only if you have - Groove search works in close co- multiple account. ordination with Groove 2007/3.1 . Please - Select the account and set it to default. check that Groove is installed and is running, for Groove Search to work.
  3. 3. Groove Search – Search window Tool box Change Account - Buttons help to hide the advanced search or - You can switch search result panes. accounts by - User can also print the search or export to excel selecting different account Search Results Tree - Displays the categorized search results summary in the form of tree. Search box - It contains Results in the form of hierarchy - Text box to search. Type the text to search of workspace, forms tools and messages. and press enter or Go to search the content.
  4. 4. Groove Search – Advanced Search Filter workspaces Date filter - The dropdown window helps you - You can set the date filter or the select the workspaces. range to further narrow down the - To override the selection of search. workspace filter, uncheck the checkbox before the “workspace” text. Search In Text search options - You can filter the search for a - Select the relevant parameter to particular tool, by Unchecking the search the text in the tools and tools you don’t wish to search. . workspaces.
  5. 5. Groove Search – During Search Cancel Search Search Status - Cancel search anytime you want. - Displays the status, i.e. the current tool/workspace it is searching. Display Search results Search progress - Displays the search result as it - Shows the progress of the progresses. search. - You can also browse the search results when search is in progress
  6. 6. Groove Search – Search Results Results Tree Results View - Displays categorized results - Gives the search snapshot, default grouped by the tool type.
  7. 7. Groove Search – Search Results Multiple result windows - Results View Displays the details in different - Right click the records to open tabs. the tool or view them in Groove Workspace Results view - Right click the workspace and - Displays the details of the result. open it or view properties
  8. 8. Groove Search – Search Results To contact us mail us at : To download the tool: