Drama Nyi Roro Kidul (teks)


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teks drama nyi roro kidul (english)

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Drama Nyi Roro Kidul (teks)

  1. 1. NyiRoroKidul Round 1 Once upon a time, there lived a king named King Munding Wangi. The King had a wife named DewiKartika. The King and Queen had a daughter named DewiSrengenge. Although King Munding Wangi already has a daughter who was very beautiful but the king wanted to have a son to replace him one day. King Munding: (shows a glum face) Queen DewiKartika: akang, why do you always glum? King Munding: I want to have a son Queen DewiKartika: but you've already had a daughter who is very pretty! King Munding: I'm not sure if our daughter can lead this country later! DewiSrengenge: Dad, mom what's wrong? Queen DewiKartika: there's nothing kid. (Conversation heard by DewiMutiara). King Munding Wangi went to his room with his wife. Round 2 After heard that, MutiaraDewi intended to kill the queen DewiKartika, in order to marry King Munding and replace the queen DewiKartika. MutiaraDewi: (whisper) howIf I kill the Queen DewiKartika? So I can marry the king. Suddenly the king came. King Munding: why are you just staying here? MutiaraDewi: a… a…. eng… King Munding: can’t you speak clearly? MutiaraDewi: sure I can King Munding: well, get me a glass drink of water and give it to DewiKartika!
  2. 2. DewiMutiara: (talking to herself) this is my chance to poison the queen. (talk to the king) Yes sir After DewiMutiara finished making a drink for Queen KartikaDewi, DewiMutiara put poison into the drink. DewiMutiara: (walking towardsher) please the queen(give the drinks toDewiKartika) Queen DewiKartika: (taking her drink) thanksDewiMutiara. The Queen DewiKartikadrank it and suddenly the toxic worked and she died. DewiSrengenge and king Munding heard the queen screaming. They ran to the queen’s bedroom where the queen already lying lifeless. DewiSrengenge: Mom? Mom please wake up. mom wake up! Mom please wake up! Mooooooom! King Munding: my wife up! wake up my wife! It really is not funny! my wife! Then DewiMutiara came over DewiKartika and kings Munding. DewiMutiara: what happened Sir? W ... why does Queen DewiKartika sleep on the floor? King Munding: What did you give to my wife? DewiSrengenge: DewiMutiara, what did you do to my mother? DewiMutiara: for anything, I did not do anything to the Queen DewiKartika! Round 3 A few years later, DewiMutiara and King Munding married and they were blessed with a son, named Prince Andika. Prince Andika: Mom, why daddy like DewiSrengengemore than me? DewiMutiara:because DewiSrengenge is the biological child of daddy’s beloved wife, namely DewiKartika. " PrinceAndika: then, where is DewiKartika? DewiMutiara: She's dead, son Prince Andika: mom, I also want to be loved by daddy as daddy loves DewiSrengenge! Then Prince Andikastoodd up and went outside. DewiMutiara: hmm ... DewiSrengenge must leave the palace so my son can replace my husband!
  3. 3. Round 4 Since DewiMutiara wanted Prince Andikareplace the King Munding Wangi, DewiMutiara want to make DewiSrengenge ill so she can be exiled. DewiMutiara: what if I sent a ladies to go and tell the witch to make DewiSrengenge ill ThenDewiMutiaracall the ladies. DewiMutiara: ladies come here, I want tell you! " Dayang: yes, my lady? DewiMutiara: I want you to go in the back of the black hill. To meet the country's most powerful witch. Then, you tell her that I told him to make the body DewiSrengengeugly! The ladies surprised. Dayang: "b ..b ..but the queen?" DewiMutiara: "but, but there's no buts fast!" Dayang: "okay queen" Once the ladies arrive at the witch, shaman already knows his intentions. Witch: I already know the purpose you came here! Dayang: but then I would not talk? Witch: it's because I’m the greatest witch! Then you're sent by the Queen to make dewisrengenge ugly? Dayang: "yeah right, now do it quickly! Witch: good, but it’s need more time. It will (bereaksi) in the next day! " Dayang: "OK .. I'll wait! " Dewisrengenge woke the next morning and immediately started shouting. Dewisrengenges: nooooo! Then the king comes over Dewisrengenge. King Munding: What's wrong with you? Dewisrengenge: "I do not know my father!"
  4. 4. King Munding: "If so, Iwould immediately call aphysician from Malaysia! " when physicians come from Malaysia. Physician 1: "I will try to (menyembuhkan) this disease!" Dewisrengenge: "please help me ! Physician 1: (chanting) Physician 1: "sorry, I can not (menyembuhkannya) ! " Dewisrengenges: "Dad how this physician could not beheal my illness! " King Munding : "I don’t know. We’ve do the best for you. Once they know that the disease can not be cured, dewiMutiara told King MundingDewisrengenges fragrance to dissipate. DewiMutiara: "My husband, I think the presence ofSrengenge disease will make our country unlucky! We must exiled her " King Munding: good idea too, I'll exile her that my daughter does not becomeGossip in this country! " DewiMutiara: "exactly." Then the king calldewisrengenge. King Munding: "Dearest daughter quickly here!" Dewisrengenge: "what is the father?" King Munding: "Dad ask you to leavethe palace for a while, during sickness not healed. " Dewisrengenge: "But dad, I do not want to!" King Munding: "but this is all for your own good!" Dewisrengenge: "then I will do it!" Finally Dewisrengenge go away from the palace. for one week dewisrengenge walking and he stop in a beach . dewisrengenge put her legs In to the water. Magically, her illness gone when she put her legs in to the water. Dewisrengenges: (surprised) how it can be? Then, dewisrengenge (memutuskan) to dipped herself in to the sea. And she becomes beautiful as before and she is not only beautiful but she became queen of southern coast called NyiRoroKidul
  5. 5. Group 4 - AnisaNurul Debi Kirana NoviaNur PritaNur Rofilah Shafira N Vebri Nafa