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Staying up to date with academic information in your area


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Covers setting up RSS feeds, Citation alerts and Zetoc alerts service.

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Staying up to date with academic information in your area

  1. 1. Cutting Edge?1 Staying up to date in your area
  2. 2. RSS feeds  In the databases we’ve looked at you can set up an account and then set up alerts or RSS feeds for searches you’ve done PsycInfo2
  3. 3. Staying up to date – citation alerts• In Web of Science databases (SSCI and SCI)• For articles particularly significant to your work/dissertationget an alert every time it is cited in new research
  4. 4. Zetoc alerts service – get info as it’s published • Access as you would any of the other databases (MyUnihub)4 • Updated weekly - journals are indexed here by BL quicker than other databases
  5. 5. 5 • Create an alert and name it
  6. 6. • Now add searches or journals to the alert6
  7. 7. • You can build a list of searches – by keywords or author • You can also add searches by journals and be emailed every7 time a journal is released
  8. 8. Excercise - Zetoc  Set up some alerts and add searches relevant to your log books for this module  Remember you can AND SHOULD add multiple searches for each of the synonyms for your search term to your alert  Make sure you have done some searched and know common terms for your interest area  Grab me if you need a hand or help picking search8 terms.