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Searching for a journal article


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Flow chart detailing where and how to search for journal articles

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Searching for a journal article

  1. 1. Searching for journal articles 1st yrs How to guides for Use Summon searching databases on the left hand side of No ‘Searching for journal 2nd/3rd yrs or PGs articles’ LSG page Use PsycInfo OR Web of Do you Science (Sciences Citation have a Index & Social Sciences Citation Index)reference Does your reading list say we should hold this in the for an library but you dont see Go to the library catalogue article? (after logging into MyUnihub) a subscription to the journal??! Do a ‘journal keyword search’ It may be in the Yes for the title of the journal (not photocopy collection - try the title of the article!) searching the name of the See which year you need and journal article under a follow correct link general keyword search.The library catalogue shows you the definitive list of the journals we have access toand which dates.