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Systemat belgium bring trust in the cloud


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My Presentation on TMAB Cloud Computing Event - 15/11/11 14:30

Published in: Technology, Business
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Systemat belgium bring trust in the cloud

  1. 1. Bring trust in the cloudNot an other Cloud presentation Systemat Belgium N.V. Nico Van de Venne
  2. 2. Generations and Technology Digital Digital Commodity Device DeviceGeneration BB Generation X Generation Y Generation Z Source: Wikipedia
  3. 3. A new Generation A new role New challenge of I.T. Management and Services company’s  Bring your own … - Generation  Cost reduction  Improve productivity thru technology  Create Flexibility thru technology  Secure Corporation “Know-how” Business Trusted Advisor  Bring your own…  Software (Line of business applications)  Hardware (Laptop, Slates, Smart phones,…)
  4. 4. A possible Solution Cloud computing Could provide one of the solutions to the challenges but… But what about the on-premises?  Hardware (maintenance)  People (support) Systemat Cloud Integrator but how?
  5. 5. SYSTEMAT’s global approach as a Cloud Integrator Cloud Bridge - Single Point of Cloud Mass Cloud Third Cloud Non Cloud On-premises App’s App’s App’s App’s File, Mail, Office Sales force, Accounting, ERP Specific hw or , dB BPOS, etc , etc applicationServer List of Catalog Proof of Proof of Commodities Concept Concept Local Provider Connector Integrator Integrator Full Support IaaS Support IaaS Support IaaS Support Self service + Single Sign On + Cloud PortalUser Multi-devices Local Device connection Local Provider Local Device Management User Support
  6. 6. Partner for TELECOM & TELEPHONY Destiny  Telecom operator, Specialised in private datanetworks and B2B Telecom solutions  Symmetrical & secured advanced technology on copper Why  Lower cost for increased performances  Quality of service & management  Fast delivery  Free Telecom Audit Solutions  Internet (Symmetrical from 1 to 100 Mbps)  Telephony (PSTN, SIP or IP-PBX)  Networking (VPLS / IP-VPN)
  7. 7. Trusted Advisor: Ask your questions here