Magna carta


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Magna carta

  1. 1. Vashaun Washington
  2. 2. Importance The Magna Carta was a charter signed in 1215 that challenged the monarch King John’s authority. It is viewed as one of the most important documents in the history of democracy. It gave people the right to due process which led to the trial by jury.
  3. 3. The Church The Magna Carta gave the church powers such as freedom from royal interference in the case of electing bishops. Made the church free from interference by the King in any way. Made churches more independent.
  4. 4. The Barons The Magna Carta was created by Archbishop Steven Langton and powerful barons throughout England. The barons fought for the freedom for many years and eventually took over England in May 1215. They forced King John to sign the document at Runnymede castle on June 10, 1215.
  5. 5. Effects on the King The Magna Carta ensured that the King could no longer imprison people without a just cause. It also gave basic rights and laws to the people which in turn gave them more power and say in England.
  6. 6. Effects on the FeudalSystem The Magna Carta strengthened the feudal system by taking most of the power away from the King and giving it to the people. No unfair taxes could be imposed anymore on lower classes.
  7. 7. Effects on Democracy The principles in the Magna Carta set up the base of democracy in many ways. Many of the laws and policies included in the Magna Carta are in our Constitution along with The Charter in modern day England. The Bill of Rights is the closest comparison to the Magna Carta as it created basic rights.
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