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Pikes Branch Stream Restoration


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VDOT presentation from Fairfax County's Pikes Branch project meeting on October 11, 2018.

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Pikes Branch Stream Restoration

  1. 1. VDOT PIKES BRANCH STREAM RESTORATION Tracey Harmon, Joe Parfitt Fairfax County, Virginia October 11th, 2018
  2. 2. Project Location Virginia Department of Transportation 3 Ridgeview Park restoration project Future County restoration project PROJECT LOCATION
  3. 3. Aerial Photo Virginia Department of Transportation 4 PROJECT LOCATION
  4. 4. Project Purpose • Move stream away from eroding valley walls adjacent to both roadways • Provide functional uplift to Pikes Branch • Achieve pollutant reduction requirements of the Chesapeake Bay TMDL Project Need • Reduce the erosion and mass wasting of the stream banks • Connect channel to active floodplain • Remove fish passage blockages (Aquatic Organism Passage) • Reduce sediment and nutrient loadings to the Potomac River & Ches Bay • Manage stormwater runoff from 16 outfalls • Remove invasive plant species and provide stream buffer restoration Purpose and Need Virginia Department of Transportation 5
  5. 5. Existing Conditions Virginia Department of Transportation The existing channel is in poor condition with multiple fish barriers, severely eroding banks, 16 stormwater outfalls, and exposed sanitary sewer crossings. Outfalls 6 Phase I Phase II ROAD ENCROACHMENT STREAM ENCROACHING INTO ROAD
  6. 6. Virginia Department of Transportation 7 Stream Encroaching into Road
  7. 7. Eroding Banks Virginia Department of Transportation 8
  8. 8. Virginia Department of Transportation 9 Eroding Banks
  9. 9. Virginia Department of Transportation 10 Eroding Banks
  10. 10. Virginia Department of Transportation 11 Eroding Banks
  11. 11. Virginia Department of Transportation 12 Fish Passage Blockages
  12. 12. 13Virginia Department of Transportation Failed Bank Stabilization
  13. 13. Virginia Department of Transportation 14 Failed Stormwater Outfalls
  14. 14. 15Virginia Department of Transportation Debris in Stream
  15. 15. Total Nitrogen (lbs/yr) Total Phosphorus (lbs/yr) Totals Suspended Sediment (lbs/yr) 2000 900 105,000 16 Chesapeake Bay Nutrient & Sediment Estimated Reductions Virginia Department of Transportation
  16. 16. Vegetation assessment survey conducted Native Woody Species Approx. 65 trees are ≥ 24 inches in diameter. 17 Existing Vegetation Assessment Virginia Department of Transportation American beech Yellow poplar White oak Northern red oak Black locust Witch hazel American holly Eastern red cedar Smooth sumac
  17. 17. Invasive (non-native) species are prevalent throughout the project area 18 Existing Vegetation Assessment Virginia Department of Transportation Tree of Heaven Mimosa Norway maple Japanese honeysuckle Callery pear White mulberry Garlic mustard Kudzu Porcelain berry Japanese knotweed Original bittersweet Multiflora rose English ivy Crown vetch Chinese wisteria Periwinkle
  18. 18. 19Virginia Department of Transportation Example VDOT Stream Project Before Restoration Timsbury Creek, Chesterfield, VA
  19. 19. 20Virginia Department of Transportation Example VDOT Stream Project 2018 3 Months After Restoration Timsbury Creek, Chesterfield, VA
  20. 20. 21Virginia Department of Transportation Example VDOT Stream Project 2 Years After Restoration Unnamed tributary to Long Branch, Fredericksburg,VA
  21. 21. 22Virginia Department of Transportation RES Urban Stream Project Before Restoration Cow Branch Stream Restoration, Prince William County, VA
  22. 22. 23Virginia Department of Transportation RES Urban Stream Project After Restoration Cow Branch Stream Restoration, Prince William County, VA
  23. 23. 24Virginia Department of Transportation RES Urban Stream Project 4 Years after Restoration Cow Branch
  24. 24. RES Urban Stream Project 4 Years after Restoration 25Virginia Department of Transportation • Growth after 4 years of Construction Aster/ Coreopsis New England Aster GoldenrodBlack Willow Swamp White Oak Sedge species Blue mist Flower Cow Branch
  25. 25. • Remove debris, concrete, rip rap, etc. • Remove invasive plant species • Stabilize numerous stormwater outfalls • Restore fish passage • Reconnect the floodplain • Improve channel alignment • Provide bank stability • Reduce nutrient and sediment loading Pike Branch Stream Restoration Project Description Virginia Department of Transportation 26
  26. 26. 27Virginia Department of Transportation Existing vs. Proposed Existing Stream Channel Proposed Stream Channel Floodplain
  27. 27. Native species will be planted. Streambanks • 500-600 bare root seedling trees (smooth alder) • Planted on 2 foot centers • 1600-1700 live stakes • silky dogwood, buttonbush, black willow, sycamore Upland planting - approx. 3.5 acres • 600 bare root seedlings per acre • Trees (American beech, red maple, tulip poplar, chestnut oak, white oak, Northern red oak) • Shrubs (Eastern redbud, ironwood, American witch hazel) 28 Proposed Planting Palette Virginia Department of Transportation
  28. 28. 29 Virginia Department of Transportation Proposed Conditions CROSS SECTION 2
  29. 29. Virginia Department of Transportation 30 40’ wide Floodplain
  30. 30. Final Design Plans in Nov. 2018 Pardon Our Dust Meeting in Dec. 2018 or Jan. 2019 Start Construction in Early 2019 Project Duration = 12-18 months 31 Schedule Virginia Department of Transportation
  31. 31. 32 Old Telegraph Road Embankment Failure Virginia Department of Transportation June 25th July 23rd Aug. 1st
  32. 32. 33Virginia Department of Transportation Emergency Project Old Telegraph Road • Drilled Shafts • Temporary Stream Relocation • Embankment Slope Stabilization
  33. 33. 34 Questions? Virginia Department of Transportation