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Catolica EBP - Talk

  1. 1. Feyl-yerthe mother of all success
  2. 2. Im a ruthlessmercenary, masterof all things wrong,who plots evil plans
  3. 3. Im a ruthlessmercenary, masterof all things wrong,who plots evil plans
  4. 4. Vitor Domingosvd@prt.sc was senior technology consultant atcommunication agency- was PT editor- videocaster & blogger- ex Amazon (cloud computing) consultant- ex failed entrepreneur- ex ITIJ / MJ- ex CGD- ex forumB2B- ex Maxitel- ex Jazztel
  5. 5. TrueStory
  6. 6. DAFUQ
  7. 7. handivisharing experiences
  8. 8. mobile market> mobile phone; first mass media and personalchannel, always on, always accessible, availablewhen content creation first impulse> millions devices worldwide, 30% use UMTS, 34%use MMS, 75% of subscribers have less than 35years old> access democratization; data plans (mobileinternet) 3G acess, netbooks> 240 millions users of mobile social networks in2009 of 600 million mobile subscribers
  9. 9. actual problems> social networks are not fully integrated with mobilephones (seamless user experience)> operator walled gardens> social network walled gardens> people want cheap ways to communicate, not onlylocally, but globally> they want to share in real time, as it happens> they want to be always up to date
  10. 10. eureka ooops momment
  11. 11. handivi> its a mobile social network + website> with focus on usability, integration and ubiquity> for digital natives> sharing experiences (msg, photo, video)> always up to date with friends> SMS -> MMS -> handivi> seamless integration with mobile phones
  12. 12. so far> application; iphone, j2me, android (soon)> no uploads! just upload right away to the “cloud”> site: & mobile compatible website> social integration: twitter, facebook & flickr> social features: vanity urls, send by email, smsupdates, address book integration, direct phone calls> data secure: backup address book, photos andmessages always online
  13. 13. near future> white labeling mobile social network> grass root application on android for perfectintegration> engage consumers into direct calls or mobileservices> presence & auto photo geo-tagging> mobile shop> ad platform (for advertisers)
  14. 14. True social portabilityOne app to rule them all handivi sharing experiences
  15. 15. Failure: 263,000,000 About resultsSuccess: 466,000,000 About resultsFail: 327,000,000 About resultsWin: 990,000,000 About results
  16. 16. The fail circle(circus):Risk -> Mistakes ->Problems -> Failure ->Problems -> Mistakes ->OMFG
  17. 17. OMFG!!!
  18. 18. The fail path:Risk -> Mistakes ->Problems -> Failure =Experience -> Learning ->Things Happen -> Success
  19. 19. It’s all aboutlearning
  20. 20. inevitable
  21. 21. Reasons:Lack of preparation;Consumers didn’t get it;Overoptimism;Internal fights;Money
  22. 22. Products
  23. 23. VC/BA/SA
  24. 24. the three F’s
  25. 25. Killer Team
  26. 26. Failure inPortugal
  27. 27. CIVILMACivil Management
  28. 28. CIVILMAKill paperEase civil project management and daily planFacilitate communication between professionalsBe an industry data standard