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Add retweetbuttonstopdf


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Add retweet buttons to your pdf documents and greatly increase the chances of your information being seen.

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Add retweetbuttonstopdf

  1. 1. Adding Retweet Buttons to Your PDF Document As you almost certainly know, Twitter is one of the hottest spots for sharing information. People often put twitter buttons on their blog post to make it easier for their readers to share. But here’s something that you may not know, as many people are not aware of it… Did you know that you can even add retweet buttons to their PDF files? This enables anyone reading PDF files to share it in the massive world of twitter. Tweet buttons should be added to any PDF, whether it’s a white paper, report, an ebook or simply an article that you’re uploading to document sharing sites. These are usually files that people are going to want to share, so when creating them you should be sure to add the twitter button. Don’t worry it’s not hard at all! When the reader clicks on the retweet button they have to do nothing except log in if they are not already logged. If they are already logged in then all the better! The button will send out a direct link to the original PDF file.
  2. 2. You can really benefit from using PDF files, because PDF files tend to be very, very, portable. People can download files on their desktops and email them to people as well as post them on forums. The retweet button allows for easy sharing. PDF’s typically float around so it is important to have an easy way to share a file with the world. For instance, if you’re writing about Sihanoukville, then it makes it much easier for travelers to share your document among others who will be visiting the region. To start sharing a document through twitter, the first thing you’re going to need is a Twitter graphic. If you aren’t skilled in creating simple graphics, you can hire someone to do it or find one of the many free Twitter icons that are available. There should be a bird on the graphic to tell people that it’s a Twitter graphic and the color that twitter is typically known for is blue. Then you need to set up a link to the PDF file. It is a good idea to link to a page about the PDF file and not to link to the PDF file directly. Linking to the PDF file directly limits the possibility of describing what the PDF is actually about. Also, consider using an @ tag to yourself to help grow your Twitter following. When you get the link you want to shorten it on a site like, so it looks more attractive to Twitter users. Now that all of that is done go ahead and write the tweet that people will see when someone presses the retweet button. Keep reading to find out how to create your link....
  3. 3. Copy and paste this code: For everywhere there is a space in your message, add a plus sign (+) If your Twitter name is SihanoukvilleNow, then your message may look something like this: status=RT:@SihanoukvilleNow+Tourism+Up+as+Expected+and+New+Railway+Under way!+http://yourshorteningURL.service Then just link your graphic to that special URL you just created. Test it out! Link all three of the elements together and a PDF file can now help you gain followers and spread information. If you don’t have a program to create PDF files, you can use Alternatively, you can download OpenOffice (free). The OpenOffice writer has the ability to export as a PDF file. Read more about social media and small business tips: