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Social Networking For Lawyers More Business Better Connections


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Why lawyers should use social media to advance their marketing goals.

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Social Networking For Lawyers More Business Better Connections

  1. 1. L E A D E R NETWORKS How will Social Networking Help Lawyers Generate and Retain Business? LMA Boston Event December, 2008 Vanessa DiMauro CEO, Leader Networks
  2. 2. L E A D E R NETWORKS It’s all about connecting. • what networks do you want to participate in? • who do you want to connect with, • and how do you want to network online?
  3. 3. L E A D E R NETWORKS Networking Is Critical To The Legal Industry According to the Networks for Counsel (2008) study by Leader Networks… – Networking is the most effective means to get business but, in-person networking is getting more difficult to sustain (cost and time issues) • 60% of Corporate Counsel and Private Practice attorneys report difficulty connecting with colleagues onsite at conferences – (As of last April) approximately 50% of counsel belong to a social network such as Linkedin or myspace. • Corporate Counsel are over 3x more likely to use their network for professional reasons • Counsel prefer a private online network for just attorneys. – Corporate Counsel value online professional networks because… – Access to information I cant get anyplace else -- 46% – Easier exchange of information – 45% – More quickly find and evaluate the right legal partners 29%
  4. 4. L E A D E R NETWORKS TIMING IS EVERY THING Opportunity for legal marketing •Need is clear •Skills are inherent •Legacy of in-person success
  5. 5. L E A D E R NETWORKS WIFM (what’s in it for me/my firm)? #1 OPPORTUNITY Still (much) room for market domination in Legal. Barrier to entry is low. #2 VELOCITY Greater reach, greater efficiency, low cost. Attract and retain new business. Can target regional, national & specialty at the same time. #3 BEST PRACTICE Other industries and people have succeeded. Market, measure and grow online.
  6. 6. L E A D E R NETWORKS What you need to succeed • Purpose – Know what you want to get out of online professional networking – Define the social media program goals and plans (increase awareness of partners capabilities, share thought leadership) • Point of View – Use the virtual podium wisely – photo, info & ideas and update – Power to showcase knowledge • let your attorneys show what they know • Transparency is key • If they would be allowed to attend an event without regulation, let them online without controls • Patience – Returns come over time - expect results after 3-6 months. – In person rules of engagement = online rules of engagement