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Social Business Maturity Model


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Presentation delivered May 2011 at the Digital Influence Conference #PRSAdicon in NYC.

This presentation overviews the social media evolution for large organizations. It looks at cultural impact, tools, readiness, operations and strategic intentions for success.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Business Maturity Model

  1. 1. L E A D E R NETWORKS Social Media Maturity Model Best practices for aligning strategy with operations Presented at The Digital Impact Conference May 5-6, 2011 A Discussion with Vanessa DiMauro CEO Leader Networks @vdimauroCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 1
  2. 2. L E A D E R NETWORKSWhat Social Business Is NOTCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 2
  3. 3. L E A D E R NETWORKSSocial Business Is… Social business is the strategic use of social media tools and tactics to drive stakeholder and customer value. It is often the evolution of social media marketing activities into a larger, integrated strategic platform.Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 3
  4. 4. L E A D E R NETWORKSWhy Is A Social Business Strategy Necessary? Customer Retention Thought Leadership On-line Unstructured Community Information B2C Twitter Wiki Blog B2B Facebook RSS Intranet LinkedIn YouTubeCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 4
  5. 5. L E A D E R NETWORKS The Social Media Muddle Signs Of Muddle In A Company’s Social Media Ecosystem Customer Servicemonitors Facebook,  Marketing focuses onTwitter etc. for angry Marketing getting fans & followers tocustomers view its marketing Distribution campaigns Customer Service actsto resolve customer Sales  Marketing usesissues Facebook, Twitter, etc. input to fine-tune Customer Service campaigns, but then…..rarely shares customer Customerproblems with products Service Product  Marketing doesn’t(design, instructions, Development watch Facebook, Twitter,ease of use, etc.) with etc. for Sales prospectsProduct Groups Product Groups  Marketing doesn’t mine Customer Service interactions to identifydoesn’t pass along new customer needs forpleased customers to Product DevelopmentSales or Marketing Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  6. 6. L E A D E R NETWORKSThe Shift From Chaos To FocusCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  7. 7. L E A D E R NETWORKSSocial Strategy = Social Business Activities Align with Internal Process Twitter RSS Thought Facebook External Leadership Marketing Social Media Activities Product Sales YouTube Development LinkedIn Social Internal Media Processes Strategy Customer Distribution / Service Partners B2B Blog Suppliers Web 2.0 Wiki On-line Communities Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 7
  8. 8. L E A D E R NETWORKSYou need to know where you are going … in order to get there successfully Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  9. 9. L E A D E R NETWORKS From Research and Experience, We See Six Reasons Companies Need a Social Business Strategy To help customers get more value from their products and Customer-Facing services Business Functions Product Groups To improve the way they enhance products andTo get control of the services social media Product Sales Development conversations Social about their firm Business Strategy To develop better new products and services To market and sell more Marketing Customer effectively Service To reduce the cost of post-sale service Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 9
  10. 10. L E A D E R NETWORKSSocial Media Maturity Model Background and Methodology Objective: • Help organizations understand, identify and prepare for the best social media strategies and programs to support their business goals Methodology: • Input gathered from a cross section of industry experts and executives • Cross-industry mixed-method research with a pilot of 30 practitioners across a variety of different roles and functions • Maturity model now in beta market-ready state Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  11. 11. L E A D E R NETWORKS Social Media Maturity Model Framework “Socially Present” “Socially Integrated” Externally focused Design for marketing presence Design for leveraging on the social channel to information and relationships communicate information and gathered through social efforts ideas online and drive in support of key business awareness. functions. “Socially Familiar” “Socially Enabled” Design for learning about cause Design for scale and best and effect online. “If I do this, practice using social as aInternally then that will happen….” common marketing andfocused customer care activity. - Organizational Complexity + Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  12. 12. L E A D E R NETWORKSWhy Assess Your Social Media Maturity And Performance? Not all companies want or need to be at the top right of social – There is value at each stage of the model Goal is to find the right place for your organization and then align the core processes accordingly Inadequate strategic planning is the Achilles Heel of Social MediaCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  13. 13. L E A D E R NETWORKS Strategic Social Maturity Performance Strategic Operations Operations Staffing Staffing Governance Governance Tool Use Tool Use Presence Integration Strategic Strategic Operations Operations Staffing Familiarization Enablement Staffing Governance Governance Tool Use Tool Use None Limited Moderate Healthy RobustCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  14. 14. L E A D E R NETWORKSThe Social Business ImperativeFor social business to be fruitful, it must solve a real business problem ormake a business process easier using the online channel.Social business isthe collaborative intersectionof business needs and customer desires.Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 14
  15. 15. L E A D E R NETWORKS Which Can Only Be Achieved When You Align Business Goals With Social OfferingKey Step: Determining value to the Deepen clientorganization relationshipsTwo main drivers for business results to increase retention – Revenue Extend or accelerate – Cost Reduction Build greater product & brand equity services deliveryProcess Overview: Social Capital• Determine or examine existing business goals in support of• Categorize into types of anticipated benefits business goals Deliver Provide (innovation, customer retention, brand equity improved better etc.) financial customer returns care• Identify dependencies (if/then) where social Shorten business could support or accelerate the product business goal(s) innovation cycle• Select concrete quarterly measures to track process Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  16. 16. L E A D E R NETWORKS Social Media = Organizational ChangeCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 16
  17. 17. L E A D E R NETWORKSGetting Started Or Moving To The Next Stage:A Social Business Process Examine Core Target & Segment Create Vision Business Audience Processes Architect Business Determine Brand Design Features & Value Justification Positioning Functionality & Measurements Manage Risk EvolveCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC 17
  18. 18. L E A D E R NETWORKS And Take The Social Media Promise (Whatever Your Stage)I promise to….1) listen to -- and talk with -- my customers online2) respect and value the information shared online by customers and clients. I will not break their trust in me or my company by exploiting or abusing their information.3) focus on building relationships -- not generating leads -- as the best practice4) create thought leadership content that lives up to its name5) maintain the integrity of the social channel and not game it or engage in improper behaviors6) not confuse high-influence activities with viral good fortune7) train my staff in the art and science of social business to grow their knowledge and help my company advance its online social capabilities8) make social performance metrics part of staff and organizational MBOs, and to make sure they measure business results, not just the things that are easy to measure.9) help my company explain its social efforts and the impact those efforts will have on work practices, because social business programs affect everybodys job.10) be patient with my company and colleagues as they grapple with the organizational changes inherent in adopting a social business strategy, and help them benefit from it. Copyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC
  19. 19. L E A D E R NETWORKSThank youPlease contact us to learn more about the participating in the maturity modelVanessa DiMauroCEO, Leader Networks617-484-0778vdimauro@leadernetworks.comhttp://blog.leadernetworks.comhttp://www.leadernetworks.comCopyright © 2011 Leader Networks, LLC