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Online Community Health Check Service Overview


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So you are considering using a external Health Check on your Online Community and want to learn more about how Leader Networks can help ensure your communities are strong, vibrant and productive? Here is a brief description of how we help your community gain additional leverage for your organization and the community members. Your community can go from good to great (or greater) when fueled by short term and long term practical recommendations from our online community veteran consultants at Leader Networks.

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Online Community Health Check Service Overview

  1. 1. Online Community Health Check Program Overview
  2. 2. ® Online Community Health Check 2 • The Online Community Health Check is a research-based diagnostic that surfaces strengths and opportunities, and offers actionable short & long-term recommendations. • There is a 70-point assessment that is informed by a site review, interviews, document review and a checklist. • It’s fast! We can conduct a health check in 4-5 days (but it will take about 2 – 3 weeks to schedule and conduct interviews and receive / review all documents from your organization). • This is not an attempt to assign a score or benchmark against other online community initiatives. community-healthcheck-brochure
  3. 3. ® Online Community Health Check From A Macro Perspective 3
  4. 4. ® The Process Involves A Comprehensive Review Across Five Dimensions of The Site 4 Information is gathered through a combination of a simple questionnaire, a series of interviews, site review and select document review.
  5. 5. ® Each Of The Five Dimensions Consists Of A Series Of Diagnostic Areas 5 For instance, with Engagement & Growth, we will explore a series of six diagnostic areas. Diagnostic Area Source of Information Question Member Acquisition & Profile Interview Can community leaders clearly state their target audience and the reasons why? Site review Does the existing membership profile reflect the target audience? Site review How complete are member profiles?
  6. 6. ® The Process Yields A Qualitative Assessment And A Series Of Actionable Observations For Each Dimension Of The Site 6 The findings (from the questionnaire, series of interviews, site review, select document review) behind each of the diagnostic areas are aggregated. An visual, qualitative assessment is then offered for each dimension. A series of actionable observations including strengths, opportunities for improvement, short & long-term recommendations are offered.
  7. 7. ® The Findings From Each Dimension Are Then Aggregated Into A Summary Report For Review And Consideration 7
  8. 8. ® Concluding Remarks 8 • The Online Community Health Check is not intended to produce a score or serve as a benchmark, rather it is intended to surface both underlying strengths and opportunities for improvement. • Both short and long-term recommendations are intended to be highly actionable. • The concept behind the research-based diagnostic is to help organizations enhance their existing online community initiative to achieve: ‒ better alignment with member requirements: ∙ Member-to-member ∙ Member-to-sponsoring organization ‒ better alignment with key business processes and strategic objectives
  9. 9. ® About Leader Networks 9 Leader Networks is a research and strategy consulting group focused on helping organizations build deeper B2B relationships with key stakeholders, thus creating significant competitive advantage and outstanding business results. Since 2007, we have been guiding firms in the strategic use and deployment of online social tools and techniques, including developing innovative ways to listen to, learn about, interact with and build trust across a wide range of constituencies including prospective and current customers, suppliers, partners, and employees via B2B online communities and social business initiatives. Learn more about us at
  10. 10. ® We have helped numerous organizations from around the world 10 10
  11. 11. ® Let Us Help You! Give Us A Call To Learn More 11 Vanessa DiMauro CEO, Leader Networks 617-484-0778