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VdGM Preconference 2014 Lisbon - Group 3 Presentation


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VdGM Preconference 2014 Lisbon
Group 3 Presentation

Published in: Healthcare
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VdGM Preconference 2014 Lisbon - Group 3 Presentation

  1. 1. Family doctors Specialists in communication? Discussion group 3 New routes for Family Medicine 2014
  2. 2. Think globally
  3. 3. Partners Patient General practitioner Family doctor Family/friends/neighbours Other specialists Pharmacist Other healthcare professionals Media University Insurance companies Government WHO Pharmaceutical companies
  4. 4. Ways of communicating non- verbal verbal letter telephone fax e-mail social media apps photo de-escalating respecting borders time management internet listening giving feedback reflect mediation empathy being clear professional distance
  5. 5. Act locally new routes
  6. 6. Issues:  Negative legislation relative to family medicine  Apparent negative media campaign New routes:  Improve communication between medical organisations and government  Reporting success stories in media Portugal
  7. 7. Issues:  Lack of communication between young and older GPs (age gap, lots of older GPs)  Low trust from patients in GPs  GPs do not have competencies to prescribe certain drugs New routes:  Age limit – definiton of retirement age  Training and exchange experience/new methods between older and younger GPs  Start a lobby for Govermental changes Slovakia
  8. 8. Issues:  Difficult to reach specialist in hospital for GPs  Little attention for non-verbal communication between doctor and patient  Little interaction between GPs New Routes:  Possibility for consultation (telephone) another specialist in hospital  More eye-contact with patients and attention for body language  Decrease competition between GPs Turkey
  9. 9. Issues:  Inequal position and influence of GPs in media and politics and interaction with other specialists New routes  More social events between GPs and other specialists to known each other and improve communication and respect  More attention to mediatraining and societal influence in GP traineeship The Netherlands
  10. 10. Issues:  Insufficient communication between GPs and other specialists  Stop criticizing other colleagues in front of patients  Little use of new ways of communications with patients or collegues New routes:  Specialist calling GP if patient is in hospital for more background information and follow-up  Visit patient/colleague in hospital?  Put yourself in the other doctor’s shoes (workshops with different specialists)  Electronic communication possibilities via protected channels Spain
  11. 11. Issues:  Insufficient skills in doctor-patient communication  Inequal value GP compared to other specialists New routes:  More training (by universities, coaches, psychologists)  Workshops by GPs for other specialists and health professionals Czech Republic
  12. 12. Emmanuela Fernadová Mariana Leite Daniela Geljenová Seda Coskun Ignácio Borque Carolien Teirlinck Facilitatior: Ilse Hellemann Thank you for your attention! 