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WONCA Europe 2011 Preconference - Group 1 Presentation


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WONCA Europe 2011 Preconference - Group 1 Presentation

Published in: Health & Medicine
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WONCA Europe 2011 Preconference - Group 1 Presentation

  1. 1. Global HealthVasco da Gama Preconference, Warsaw, 7-8 September 2011<br />Group 1<br /><ul><li>Catarina Matias, Portugal
  2. 2. Christian Vohtz, Denmark
  3. 3. Karolina Kłoda, Poland
  4. 4. VikeshSharma, UK
  5. 5. Marie Barrais, France
  6. 6. Mario Malnar, Croatia
  7. 7. Anna Maria Pedro Pijoan, Spain
  8. 8. ElodieBrunel, Belgium</li></ul>Facilitator: Grzegorz Margas, Poland<br />
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Individual<br />Patient<br />My health/needs/feelings<br />Experiences<br />Education<br />Habits/culture<br />Religion/spiritual<br />Social status<br />Healtmeasured by opinion<br />Political<br />Choice of doctor<br />Doctor<br />Bio-psycho-social<br />WHO definition<br />Life experiences<br />Clinicalexposure<br />Religion/beliefes<br />Workingconditions<br />
  11. 11. Family<br />Patient<br />Emotionalsupport ()<br />Financial support<br />Structure<br />Duties<br />Heritage<br />Life advice<br />Doctor<br />Also a patient<br />Genetics<br />Relationship dynamics<br />Family study<br />
  12. 12. Community<br />Patient<br />Religion<br />Political<br />Socialnorms<br />Tribal<br />Language<br />Traditionalmedicine<br />Rumors/myths/elders<br />Patient groups<br />Doctor<br />Communication<br />Localsupportorganization<br />Respectedfigure<br />Image<br />Peer support<br />Reputation<br />Vulnerablepatients<br />Occupationalillness<br />Multidisciplinary team <br />Nurse<br />Pharmacy<br />Socialworker<br />Localhealthstructures<br />
  13. 13. National<br />Patient<br />Expectations+rights<br />Taxes<br />Legal<br />Media<br />Advertising<br />Life style<br />Pharmaceutical<br />Nationalpatientgroups<br />Voluntarysector<br />Doctor<br />Pharmaceutical influence<br />Nationalhealth policy<br />Type of healthcarefunding<br />Doctor motivation<br />Consultations<br />Healthseekingbehaviour<br />Nationalguidelines<br />EBM<br />Epidemiology<br />Preventativeprograms<br />Conflictsbetweenprimary, secondary and privatehealthcare<br />Education system <br />
  14. 14. International<br />Patient<br />Immigration<br />Differentexpectations<br />Beliefes<br />Culture<br />Medicaltourism<br />A better life<br />Money<br />Shelter<br />Peace<br />Access to healthknowledge<br />Doctor<br />WONCA<br />Pandemics<br />Travel medicine<br />Sharedknowledge and practice<br />Access to knowledge<br />Transferableskills<br />Challenges of alternativemedicine<br />Foreigndoctors and mobility<br />Co-opeartion and influence on policies<br />Disasters and emergencies<br />