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Volkswagen Fox

An analysis of a popular social media campaign.

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Volkswagen Fox

  1. 1. Social Media Campaign Presented by: Vivian Gil, Fayeza Fatema & Sarah Shehorn
  2. 2. PURPOSE It all started with a car…The 2010VolkswagenFOXRe-launch
  3. 3. In 2010, Volkswagen wanted to generate morebrand awareness for FOX so the brand teamed- up PlanetaTerra, one of the largest music festivals in the world. The festival takes placeannually in the popular city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and attracts thousands.
  4. 4. • To make their presences at Planeta Terra known to every youth in Sao Paul0. • To create Fox awareness beyond the event. Sao Paulo on a satellite map. Fuchsia indicates population; over 20 million people live in Sao Paulo.
  5. 5. BBDO’s Scavenger Hunt• 10 pairs of tickets were hidden all around Sao Paulo• Twitter followers must tweet and use the hash tag #foxatPlanetaTerra.• The more tweets, the more the satellite map on Volkswagen’s twitter page would zoom-in on the specific location of the tickets.
  6. 6. #FoxatPlanetaTerra became the No. 1 Twitter trend in Sao Paulo within two hours of thelaunch and remained No. 1 forall four days of the campaign.
  7. 7. Sales – Facts & Figures* Planeta Terra took place on November 20, 2010 2010
  8. 8. A month-to-monthRESULTS: Increase in Sales2010:October toNovember: +1002November toDecember:
  9. 9. However, in 2011…
  10. 10. Was this campaign successful?Facts:• Reached target audience – Sao Paulo.• Was able to raise awareness about presence at Planeta Terra.• A huge increase in social media buzz and followers.• A large increase of sales between Nov. 2010 and Dec. 2010.• In 2011, the Fox has dropped two places to #6 in sales rankings for cars in Brazil.• No way to tell if the campaign was directly responsible for an effect (either positive or negative) on the car market.