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MatoGrosso Micol

  1. 1. BUILDING A REDD STRATEGY <br />FOR MATO GROSSO STATE<br />REDDexMetting<br />Cancún - July 13, 2010<br />Laurent Micol<br />
  2. 2. Mato Grosso State Quick facts<br />Area: 903,000 km²<br />Amazon 51%, Cerrado 43%, Pantanal 6%<br />2.9 million people<br />Urbanization 76%<br />Brazil’s largest producer of grain and livestock<br />Soybean: 17 MT in 2008 (8% of world production), Cotton 2 MT<br />Cattle: 26 M heads in 2008<br />Amazon’s 2nd largest timber producer<br />4.0 Mm³ of logs processed in 2009<br />
  3. 3. Land tenure structure in Mato Grosso<br />
  4. 4. Deforested areas in Mato Grosso<br />Deforested areas: 37% of the state’s territory <br />55% deforested after 1990<br />Expected increase in demand for agriculture land <br />Average opportunity cost estimated to $ 1,500 / ha, expected to increase<br />Remaining forests<br />Remaining savannas<br />Main roads<br />Deforested areas<br />‘<br />
  5. 5. Deforestation rates in Mato Grosso: under control?<br />SLAPR<br />Curupira Operation<br />Jurupari Operation<br />PPCDQ-MT<br />Decentralization of Forest Management, Soy Moratorium<br />Stabilization of agriculture and cattle ranching production, reduction of logging and growth of forest management<br />Average 8-10% per year agriculture and cattle ranching expansion<br />
  6. 6. State REDD strategy construction process<br /> 2007 2008 2009 2010 <br />Early discussions with government and agriculture sector <br />Zero Deforestation Pact<br />Participation in Bali<br /><ul><li>ICV study on REDD potential in Mato Grosso state
  7. 7. NW Mato Grosso Pilot Project feasibility analysis
  8. 8. Discussion on pilot project in the Xingu region
  9. 9. MoU with California and start of GCF process
  10. 10. Plan to Control Deforestation, with 89% reduction target
  11. 11. Creation of State Climate Change Forum
  12. 12. Reference document for Mato Grosso REDD Program (COP XV)
  13. 13. REDD working group in Climate Change Forum
  14. 14. REDD Plan and bill under preparation
  15. 15. Climate Policy bill under preparation
  16. 16. 9 REDD projects under preparation</li></li></ul><li>Components of REDD plan<br />General approach<br />Scope, Target, Baseline & Additionality<br />Legal, Technical and Institutional Framework<br />Climate change and REDD bills, <br />Carbon accounting and MRV, <br />Registry of emissions reductions,<br />Benefit sharing mechanism, <br />Program management<br />Funding Strategy<br /><ul><li>Public funds
  17. 17. Voluntary markets
  18. 18. Regulated markets
  19. 19. Security fund</li></ul>Actions<br /><ul><li>Governance
  20. 20. Pilot projects
  21. 21. Sectoral Programs</li></li></ul><li>General approach and targets<br />Deforestation reduction target in Mato Grosso’s forest area, 2006-2020<br />Reference scenario based on historical emissions<br />Estimate future deforestation?<br />“crediting” baseline?<br />Baseline and target for cerrado and for degradation?<br />Estimate of emissions?<br />Additionality: deforestation reduction AND agriculture production increase<br />Generate REDD Certificates (Credits)?<br />reduction<br />
  22. 22. Technical framework: registry system of projects and programs<br />Process<br />Characteristic<br />Criteria<br />Aim<br />Notification<br />Compulsory<br />Legality<br />Carbon accounting<br />Pre-register<br />Voluntary<br />Compliance with Principles & Criteria<br />Planning<br />Fund raising<br />Register<br />Voluntary<br />Emissions reduction performance<br />Fund allocation or REDD crediting<br />
  23. 23. REDD Actions<br />Cotriguaçu REDD+ project (Northwest Mato Grosso): State Government, ICV, TNC, ONFI<br />Xingu indigenous project: ISA, EDF, IPAM<br />Other 6 smaller projects<br />Private forest reserves conservation (above 80% legal requirement) – linked to SLAPR<br />Forest management practices improvement<br />Cattle ranching intensification<br />Smallholders settlements sustainability<br />Indigenous lands protection and sustainable development<br />Conservation Units effective protection and area increase<br />Pilot Projects<br />State-wide Programs<br />
  24. 24. Main challenges and next steps<br />Integration with federal level (parallel processes for REDD bills)<br />Lack of technical guidance and framework=> adopt/ use FCPF approach/ templates?<br />Insufficient government leadership and human & financial resources<br />GCF process…=> California: small C offset market with high standards=> potential as platform for state-level REDD approach development and fund-raising?<br />Define and implement funding strategy<br />