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The mali milk service - Downscale2016 Slides (Aske Robenhagen)


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The mali milk service - slides presented at Downscale2016 by Aske Robenhagen. This describes his ICT4D project with Bart Aulbers. (c) Aske Robenhagen

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The mali milk service - Downscale2016 Slides (Aske Robenhagen)

  1. 1. The Mali Milk Service A milk selling and farmer networking service for Tominian Mali
  2. 2. Problem Farmers ● Lack of channels to facilitate buying and selling of milk between producers and buyers (Chapon et al., 2010; Craze, 2012) ● Irregular milk production, leading to overproduction in the rainy season and under supply in the dry season (Craze, 2012) Existing Coops ● Milk collectors are not always quick enough to retrieve the milk, leading it to spoil. ● Communication issues occasionally cause issues between coops and farmers/collectors.
  3. 3. Special Considerations
  4. 4. Solution A voice-based platform that help farmers connect with buyers and with other farmers. Allow individuals to sell and buy products (like Ebay) Helps farmers share knowledge and relevant information (like Twitter on a good day) Enables farmers to get in contact with other farmers for the purpose of starting coops.
  5. 5. Local Adaptation Areas without coops: a farmer-driven platform: Connect farmers with buyers Connect farmers with other farmers Improve networking and knowledge sharing between farmers. Areas with a coop: a coop-driven platform: Reach more farmers Improve milk collection Improve knowledge sharing
  6. 6. Minimalistic Implementation Built using the Kasadaka. Adapt to new language by recording 16 short audio files and make small code changes. Works with existing hardware, if computers are or become available.
  7. 7. The Mali Milk Service Coops with computers: ● Option to get overview of all messages with time and language.
  8. 8. Expansions Multi-product platform Data extraction Link to open data
  9. 9. Agile (Software) Development Agile Development Close Stakeholder Involvement Rapid prototyping Constant Feedback
  10. 10. Deployment
  11. 11. Thank you