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Feedback aopp workshop may2016


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Report on the TMT AOPP workshop from May 2016 in Bamako Mali as presented to the VU ICT4D students

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Feedback aopp workshop may2016

  1. 1. Field trip report (my holiday pictures) Victor de Boer ICT4D 2016
  2. 2. Bamako
  3. 3. AOPP • Association des Organisations Professionnelles Paysannes • 250+ smaller organizations • 40.000 farmers from across all of Mali • Headquarters in Bamako
  4. 4. TMT-AOPP meeting • Three-day meeting – Included 1-day field trip • ~25 attendants – All over Mali  – All men  – Local tech entrepreneur  • Demonstrations, feedback and co-creation session
  5. 5. Some holiday pics
  6. 6. Field Trip • Large Chicken farm (AOPP), also experiments with Carp • Cow farm
  7. 7. Field trip Milk cooperation - Buys, processes and sells milk from villages around the village we visited
  8. 8. Data!
  9. 9. Some technical findings • DTMF works! • Connection quite unstable. When calling: 50% of the time "System is busy", no indication in asterisk – No test with other sims • Vaccination / Seedmarket SD does work, but no incoming calls... – No caller id? • Powerbank seems to have some issues
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Slides presented at AOPP
  12. 12. Kasadaka La boite qui parle Atelier AOPP Mai 2016 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  13. 13. Connections rurales?
  14. 14. • Les telephones! • Et la radio!
  15. 15. Donnees marches Communiqué GSM Site de Web Systeme a Voix RadioOperateur Eleveurs
  16. 16. Multiple solutions Netbook running Prophecy SIP over Ethernet Netbook HTTP Officeroute running Asterisk Orange Emerginov Platform Low-powered hardware running Asterisk GSM dongle
  17. 17. Developpement en cycles Visite sur le terrain / Co- creation Dev. Les prototypes Mise- en- place Business
  18. 18. KASADAKA(.com)
  19. 19. Plateforme André Baart (Bsc project) Donnees de ? Communiqué GSM Site de Web Systeme a Voix RadioOperateur Eleveurs
  20. 20. Marche des semences
  21. 21. Seed market use-case Context • Farmers have to trade seeds • You don’t know the current market situation • Traveling costs time and thus money • You may miss good offers, people may miss your offers
  22. 22. KasaDaka seed-marketplace • Call the system to look up offers • Post your own offers • Save a lot of time and money!
  23. 23. Plan de vaccination des poules Amadou Tangara FARM RADIO INTERNATIONAL MALI
  24. 24. Chicken vaccination use-case Context • Farmers have livestock: chickens • Chickens are prone to disease -> death • To prevent this: vaccinations • However: – Giving them vaccinations on the right time is hard! (especially if you are illiterate)
  25. 25. Use the force! KasaDaka • Farmers call in to the KasaDaka to declare their newborn chickens • The system calls the farmer when there is a vaccination due. • Chickens survive!
  26. 26. Projects etudiants
  27. 27. Grp 5 - DigiVet 3.0 - le système DigiVet est un service d'information vétérinaire basées sur la voix. Ce système vise à aider les agriculteurs à prendre la décision de savoir si ils devraient aller à un vétérinaire. Lorsque l’agriculteur utilise le système, il doit d'abord sélectionner le type d'animal qui est tombé malade. Par la suite, une série de questions sera demandé. Ces questions sont liées à des symptômes possibles qui permettent au système de prendre une décision finale. Après que la décision est prise, l'agriculteur a le choix de contacter un vétérinaire. ← DigiVet 2.0 Un système visuel, basées sur la voix développé pour le Kasadaka DigiVet 3.0 est un système d'appel, cela signifie que vous pouvez appeler un numéro de téléphone, puis utiliser le système. En appuyant sur un numéro (entre 1-10) spécifique, vous pouvez faire votre choix.
  28. 28. DigiVet 2.0 (visuelle) - les questions 1. Est-ce que les symboles et images utilisé par DigiVet, étaient-ils compréhensibles et faciles à utiliser? Si non, que voudriez-vous voir changer? They like the interface a lot. Very clear. However Rood= Non en Groen = Oui is beter dan blauw/geel op de interface 2. Qui devrait avoir accès de créer ou modifier le contenu du système? (vétérinaires locaux/le gouvernement/vétérinaires privés) auxiliaire/mandataire. The system will contact the auxilaire vet. Even better is when the system give te choice of direct contact or presents phone nrs 3. Quel type d’information doit être mis à la disposition afin de prévenir la mortalité des animaux? (de la propagation des maladies/de l'hygiène/des changements climatiques/de la nourriture animale) See animal list AOPP: 4. 1=Cows 2=sheep 3=goat 4=chicken 5=donkeys 5. Requirement: More than one vet phone number available 6. Quels sont les différents types d’information que les vétérinaires aimeraient recevoir, basé sur l’entrée donnée par les agriculteurs dans le système? (sur les symptômes/à propos de la propagation des maladies/sur les résultats possibles) :
  29. 29. DigiVet 3.0 - les questions 1.Iriez-vous chez le vétérinaire s'il est recommandé par le système? – Yes, they thing they would use it like that. 2.Comment est-ce que les coûts et la distance de voyage influencent votre decision d’aller voir un vétérinaire? 3.Est-ce que vous préférez d’utiliser le Kasadaka sur l’ecran ou à base de voix? • Will depend on distance. • AOPP would be interested in aggregated information, specifically: • What kind of symptoms + combine with type of feed they get • Add questions to users -> how many animals do you have. How many are ill. • It would be interesting to combine this with location based services. Also temporal: In rainy season, or not
  30. 30. Grp 4
  31. 31. • Very interesting! • In some places this would work, in some places not, depends on the capabilities of the official vets. • Mali+ tree levels: – Vet officiel de l’etat – Mandataire: Prive-vets (not allowed to heal animals) – Auxilliaire : Prive-vets (not allowed to heal animals) • Products of vets and where to find them (medicine). – “Do not buy medicine X from Y, they are fake”
  32. 32. • People liked it a lot. Liked the French interface • Preferred languages (order of pref) – Francais, Bambara, Peul, Bomu, Dogon, Sonike, Sorai… • Frequency can be lower: Day and Night: Matin et Nuit • Temperatures: – 40+ tres chaud / very hot – 35-39 chaud / hot – 25-34 Moyen / average – 17-24 Frais / cold – 16- tres frais / very cold
  33. 33. Grp 3
  34. 34. • Type de emergence: Attaque de criquette, innundations, feux, bird swarms, vent – Alert to start putting seeds in ground, stopping – planting instructions – depends on rain, seed type • Use by AOPP members (other way around) – Information comes from local coordinator – On second inspection, AOPP members think it should also be able to work the other way around • Cattle: Cows, chicken, goats, sheep, donkeys, camels (north),
  35. 35. Grp 7
  36. 36. • Rainfall, harvest, seed planting, … – Animal health – Calendre de pluvio, – Categories are indeed useful (Adama Tessougue) • Yes, if relevant!, they are willing to pay. But small farmers do not use sms (Wendelien/mady) ->voice call?
  37. 37. Grp 6
  38. 38. 1. Oui, cest possible (Tangara) 2. This is a bit unclear at the moment. Depends on the benefits 3. Most people will not be able to read, even simple messages. 4. Fire sounds great, medical as well, road accidents,
  39. 39. grp10
  40. 40. - Currently is (must be) done within 4 hours (between 21-35 C). Milk is being fetched by local member of coop. On moped to mini laitterie for pasteurization. - 60 farmers, 8 villages, 1 person per village who gathers milk. Someone from coop retrieves this, or the local collector brings it. - Every day. Sometimes using phone communication This goes wrong sometimes - sometimes the milk is turning because it is not being picked up - After pasteurisation keeps for 4days . It is sold per ½ liter and 1 liter bags . Also in bulk for sale in market They also make yoghurt which keeps a bit longer - Yes, Possibly problematic that only men now deal with the money (Wen) - Milk I 80ct per litre, 14 cows, 60 liter 4 Litre per day per cow. Personal consumption per person is maybe 1/2 liters per day. (ext. family = ~20 people, might have 1-4 cows?)
  41. 41. Two Kasadakas at Yeleman