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Introductory slides for the DOWNSCALE2016 workshop:

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. DOWNSCALE2016 Victor de Boer, Anna Bon
  2. 2. Need for information sharing in rural developing areas • Agricultural, Health, Education, Market prices…  Sharing (heterogeneous) knowledge is essential • LD is well-suited because of: – Language-agnostic – Interface-agnostic – De-centralised authoring • Slicing – Re-usability • Local • Global Based on
  3. 3. Information sharing should be made 1. usable on small, affordable, hardware deployed in various connectivity contexts; 2. accessible to individuals with varied cultural backgrounds / literacy levels; 3. relevant and directly useful to the target public they aim to empower. Infrastructure Interface Relevancy
  4. 4. With the mainstream Dev. countries can leapfrog directly into the information age, jumping many phases of immature technologies Img: flickr/n3v3rv0id Linked Data is mainstream computer science research. Test hypotheses in domains/environments
  5. 5. Interfaces: Mobile phones and Community radios
  6. 6. Relevancy: Bottom-up approaches to ICT4D (Living labs)
  7. 7. Infrastructure
  8. 8. Kasadaka a rapid prototyping platform for the rural poor Awa Gossa Lô, Stefan Schlobach & Victor de Boer Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Downscale 2012, 2013, 2014 Linked Data for Development tutorials
  11. 11. DOWNSCALE2016 @ ICT4S • Low-powered hardware • Low-cost hardware • Available • Replaceable • Small footprint • Distributed solutions
  12. 12. ICT4D Course @ •MSc Computer Science course Core Computer Science: CS4D •Make students aware of importance of context •Hands-on experience •Train CS researchers in ICT4D
  13. 13.