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About Cultuurlink


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A few slides to introduce the cultuurlink tool developed by Spinque for Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. These were presented at the second CLARIAH LOD workshop.

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About Cultuurlink

  1. 1. Cultuurlink
  2. 2. SKOS: Simple Knowledge Organization System Represent Knowledge Organization systems (KOS) (thesauri, classification schemes, subject heading systems and taxonomies) within the framework of the Semantic Web.
  3. 3. VRT Thesaurus GTAA
  4. 4. ALIGNMENTVRT Thesaurus GTAA
  5. 5. ‘Happy alignments are all alike; every unhappy alignment is unhappy in its own way’ Jacco van Ossenbruggen, (with apologies to Tolstoy)
  6. 6. ~2011: Amalgame Alignment Platform 6
  7. 7. Semi-automatic SKOS vocabulary alignment service Successor of EuropeanaConnect’s Amalgame Users can upload vocabularies and match with existing vocs. Users can design, experiment, improve their alignment strategy Matching, selecting, excluding, sampling, evaluating
  8. 8. Example alignment strategy: Concepts
  9. 9. Example alignment strategy: Persons
  10. 10. CultuurLINK in action: Rijksmuseum, MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp and Museum Rotterdam linking their fashion collections to the Arts and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT).
  11. 11. Test cultuurlink