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The Global Mobile Workforce


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The global mobile workforce has grown steadily and will continue to grow over the next couple of years, reaching new heights by 2014. The mobile worker is becoming the enterprise - classifying workers as mobile versus non-mobile is becoming less relevant as workers' workflows are straying from the traditional 9-5 desk job. Workers are becoming untethered as access to real-time content is enabling them to act in a more fluid manner. During this QuickCast, VDC's David Krebs talks about some of the key trends surrounding the global mobile workforce, specifically how mobile devices are being used and what that means for the future of the market.

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The Global Mobile Workforce

  1. 1. Mobile & Wireless Practice David Krebs – Vice President Eric Klein – Senior Analyst Balca Korkut – Analyst QuickCast The Mobile Workforce February 2012 © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile &
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  6. 6. Today’s Speaker David Krebs Vice President, Mobile & Wireless David has more than ten years experience covering the markets for enterprise and government mobility solutions, wireless data communication technologies and automatic data-capture research and consulting. David focuses on identifying the key drivers and enablers in the adoption of mobile and wireless solutions among mobile workers in the extended enterprise. David’s consulting and strategic advisory experience is far reaching and includes technology and market opportunity assessments, technology penetration and adoption enablers, partner profiling and development, new product development and M&A due diligence support. David has extensive primary market research management and execution experience to support market sizing and forecasting, total cost of ownership (TCO), comparative product performance evaluation, competitive benchmarking and end user requirements analysis. David is a graduate of Boston University (BSBA).For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  7. 7. Today’s Agenda Mobile Workforce…The Mobile Worker becomes the Enterprise © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile &
  8. 8. Mobile Workforce to Exceed 1.06 Billion by 2014Enterprise mobility solution penetration to double over by 2014The mobile workforce represents over 1 billion workers, or one third of today’sworkforce. The mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.2 billion workers by 2014.Of the approximately 1 billion mobile workers worldwide, VDC Research estimates thatapproximately 15% are currently using some type of mobile device to support anenterprise mobility application.However, with smartphone and tablet shipments scaling rapidly – VDC estimates over500 million smartphones and 100 million tablets will be shipped in 2012 – and withincreased interest in and acceptance of new form factors such as tablets VDC expectsenterprise mobility penetration to more than double over the next three years. © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  9. 9. Mobile Worker Population – Global OutlookMobile knowledge worker population to grow by 19% through 2014 1.05B 1.2B The global mobile worker population 600 exceeded 1 billion in 2010 and is expected to reach 1.2 billion workers by 571.3 557.0 2014. 547.0 543.8 529.4 529.1 515.6 500 510.8 493.8 Perhaps the most striking development 475.9 is the overall decline in line/task workers 400 relative to the increase in knowledge workers. 300 o 2010-2014 Line Worker Growth: -11.8% o 2010-2014 Knowledge Worker Growth: +19.1% 200 100 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Line Workers Knowledge Workers © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  10. 10. Mobile Device Penetration Regional OutlookMobile device penetration among mobile workers to near 10% by 2014 Millions of Units The global installed base of mobile 61.2 69.1 79.5 90.7 102.2 devices supporting enterprise and25% government mobility applications is 22.1% expected to grow from just over 100 20.1% million units in 2010 to more than 25020% million by 2014. 18.1% Americas 16.2% The largest proportion of mobile devices 15.0% Global deployed is in the Americas region – the15% region with the lowest number of mobile EMEA workers. APAC 9.6% Although adoption in emerging markets10% 8.6% 7.5% such as China and India is scaling, the 8.5% 6.6% significantly lower labor rates, under- 5.8% 6.6% 7.5% 5.9% developed infrastructure and limited5% 4.9% 5.7% experience with enterprise mobility 4.4% 5.2% solutions all combine as critical near 3.8% 3.2% term adoption barriers.0% 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  11. 11. Thank You for Attending this VDC WebcastFor more information please contact: David Krebs – Vice President | 508.653.9000 Eric Klein – Senior Analyst | 508.653.9000 Balca Korkut – Analyst | 508.653.9000 Gerrell Smith – Account Director | 508.653.9000 x130For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless