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The Cross Platform Conundrum


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Device diversity has quickly become the "new normal" with mobile policies evolving and employees being given more device choice and access to a broader range of mobile applications. The mobile device proliferation that is occurring in most businesses is translating into a marked increase in the number of corporate users accessing enterprise data. The good news is that there is no shortage of enterprise-grade solutions that span the full solution range that is increasingly required for companies investing in enterprise mobility solutions. In this QuickCast, Eric Klein explains how businesses are increasingly recognizing that mobile solutions can empower their workforce, and the role custom mobile applications will play in this shift.

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The Cross Platform Conundrum

  1. 1. Mobile & Wireless Practice The Cross Platform Conundrum July 2012 By: Eric Klein– Senior Analyst © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile &
  2. 2. Recording Available A full audio recording is available for download at: © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile &
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  6. 6. Today’s Speaker Eric Klein Senior Analyst, Mobile & Wireless Eric is a market research and consulting professional specializing in the design, analysis, and delivery of project-based research. Over the past 15 years, Eric has worked with a wide array of firms across a number of industries, leading quantitative and qualitative research in areas such as innovation in enterprise software, supply chain risk management, manufacturing operations / automation, and IT spending research. Eric has worked in a variety of market research and management roles, providing market data and competitive intelligence to Fortune 500 firms. His previous employers include: AMR Research, The Yankee Group, and Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). Eric holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Boston University.For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  7. 7. Today’s Agenda How mobile enablement will / is impacting businesses Why app design decisions must be carefully considered WORA in 2012 © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile &
  8. 8. Modern mobile platforms are a change agentBYOD = opportunity for mobile enablement within the enterprise …Many IT organizations have recognized the need to complement their traditional desktop and webapplication development activities with mobile development specialists  The number of corporate users that access enterprise data is on the rise  The ‘new normal’ is having to support multiple mobile platforms  IT organizations are facing a classic ‘IT dilemma’  Build custom mobile apps in-house or outsource their app development to a third-party?Frameworks allow multiple platforms to be targeted with less effort and cost  Tools, frameworks and libraries that streamline mobile development are flourishing  Multiple paths have emerged for software developers to utilize existing skills  Powerful open source tools have emerged that offer technical supportMobile platforms bring the ability to create a more connected, engaged and productive workforce –however there are significant challenges that CIOs and IT organizations face …  There are different software development kits (SDKs), programming languages, development tools, operating systems and computing platforms  App scenarios must be carefully considered: b2b / b2e / b2c  If developing ‘natively’ there are different programming paradigms © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  9. 9. A Classic IT Dilemma – Build in-house or Outsource?Cross-platform development tools bring the ability to target multiple platforms with less effort and cost What was the single most important technology-related barrier keeping your organization from evaluating or fully implementing a enterprise mobility solution? Multiple Response Question, % Respondents, n=106 High cost of development 47% Time – the process takes too long 37% The revenue potential/business model isn’t alluring enough 30% Poor SDK documentation and tech support 20% Lacking the appropriate skills for mobile SW dev. 19% Lack of mobile application authoring tools 17% Lack of starter kits 17% Lack of marketing skills 15% 0% 20% 40% 60% © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  10. 10. Mobile-Oriented Development Platforms Have Attracted Significant FundingMaintaining an active and engaged developer community will be critical for sustainabilityEnterprise-oriented frameworks Notable Mobile Development Oriented Vendorshave quickly become viable in- Year Total Capital Raised Companyhouse mobile development Founded (to date)platforms for organizations both Appcelerator 2006 $50Mlarge and small Framehawk 2008 $11MThe write once run anywhere(WORA) message from cross- MoSync 2004 Not disclosed (2009 Series A)platform vendors resonates well PhoneGapwith organizations that support (Apache Cordova) 2008 Nonemultiple mobile platforms withdiverse application environments. Rhomobile* 2008 $1MDevelopment languages are Sencha 2007 $29Mvaried – so too is the flexibilityaround the usage of IDEs, such as Verivo Software 1998 $24MEclipse, Visual Worklight * 2006 $17.6MStudio, Textemate, NetBeans, etc. Xamarin 2011 $12M * Worklight was acquired by IBM in January of 2012 PhoneGap was acquired by Adobe Systems in October of 2011 Rhomobile was acquired by Motorola Solutions in October of 2011 © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  11. 11. Strategic Insights 2012: Enterprise Mobility Solutions MarketSyndicated Research:Track 1: FastForward: Insight for Leaders Volume 1: A Classic Attack From Below – Gauging the Impact of Mobile Startups (published April, 2012) Volume 2: If you Build it, Will They Come? The Mobile Cross-Platform Field of Dream (publishing August, 2012) Volume 3: Mobile Distribution Channels: Driving Efficiencies for the Next Decade (publishing Q3) Volume 4: Redefining Rugged: Establishing new Rugged Benchmarks for Today’s Economy (publishing Q4)Track 2: Enterprise & Government Mobility HardwareTrack 3: Enterprise Mobility – Professional ServicesTrack 4: Enterprise Mobility – SoftwareTrack 5: Enterprise Mobility – Industry & Application MarketsTrack 6: Government Mobility – Vertical MarketsTrack 7: Enterprise Mobility – Total Cost of Ownership & ROI Models © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless
  12. 12. Thank You for Attending this VDC Webcast.For more information please contact: Mike Collette– Vice President, Sales & Enterprise Accounts | 508.653.9000 x112 David Krebs – Vice President Eric Klein – Senior Analyst Balca Korkut – Analyst Britt Libby – AnalystFor complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2012 VDC Research QuickCast Mobile & Wireless