The Architecture of the ATCA & AMC Markets


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Despite the broader industry adoption of the ATCA blades and AMC cards in new verticals, the majority of the commercial spend will continue to be dominated by the communications and networking vertical segments, whether on ATCA CPU Blades, on non-intelligent ATCA Carrier Blades or on MicroTCA systems. During this webcast, Analyst Jonathan Hastings drills further down into the vertical market opportunities and highlights some of the significant trends that are influencing the shape of the overall commercial market.

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The Architecture of the ATCA & AMC Markets

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  7. 7. Today’s Agenda Top Two Segments in the SBC Market Top Three Vertical Markets Key Strategic Growth Drivers Leading Competitors © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Hardware &
  8. 8. The SBC Market is Growing…. Total Global Market, ATCA CPU Blades, Total Global Market, AMC CPU Cards, 2010–2013 2010–2013 (US$ in millions) (US$ in millions) $140 $600 $132.7 $545.2 $120 $500 $451.4 $101.5 $100 $400 $377.6 $80.1 $332.1 $80 $69.1 $300 $60 $200 $40 $100 $20 $0 $0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2010 2011 2012 2013 © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Hardware &
  9. 9. Top Three Vertical MarketsWhat does it all mean? ATCA CPU Blades, Vertical Markets, AMC CPU Cards, Vertical Markets, 2010 & 2013 2010 & 2013 (% of Dollar Volume Shipments) (% of Dollar Volume Shipments) 67% 81% Communications & Network Communications & Network 85% Infrastructure 77% Infrastructure 13% 7% Military & Aerospace Military & Aerospace 8% 11% 4% 11%Industrial Automation & Control Industrial Automation & Control 3% 8% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 2013 Total: US$ 545.2 Million 2010 Total: US$ 332.1 Million 2013 Total: US$ 132.7 Million 2010 Total: US$ 69.1 Million © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Hardware & Systems
  10. 10. Key Strategic Growth DriversWhere suppliers should focus their attention to take advantage of growth opportunities Segment Strategic Growth Drivers  Support up 40G and even 100G applications ATCA CPU Blades  Provide domain expertise around 4G LTE & WiMAX  Offer faster upgrades through simple blade addition/replacement  Demonstrate a truly “ruggedized” technology with a small footprint AMC CPU Cards  Offer high data throughput via high speed serial interconnects  Support for edge-computing applications © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Hardware & Systems
  11. 11. ATCA/AMC CPU Blades – Leading CompetitorsLeading competitors in the ATCA CPU blade market include RadiSys, Emerson, and Kontron.Emerson and Kontron are leaders in the AMC CPU card market. ATCA CPU Blades, Leading Vendors by AMC CPU Cards, Leading Vendors by Market Share Position, 2010 Market Share Position, 2010 2010 Total: US$ 332.1 Million 2010 Total: US$ 69.1 Million Supplier Name Supplier Name RadiSys Corporation Emerson Network Power Emerson Network Power Kontron AG Kontron AG Ampro Adlink Technology Inc Extreme Engineering Diversified Technology Mercury Computer Systems Continuous Computing * GE Intelligent Platforms Mercury Computer Systems*Note: Continuous Computing was acquired by RadiSys Corporation in March 2011Source: All market share positions are VDC estimates based on several sources, including supplier financial data © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Hardware & Systems
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  13. 13. Thank You for Attending this VDC Webcast.For more information please contact: Jonathan Hastings – Analyst | 508.653.9000 x127 Bob Perugini – Account Executive | 508.653.9000 x144For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2011 VDC Research Webcast Embedded Hardware & Systems