Mobility for Customer Engagement


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During this QuickCast, Richa Gupta, Analyst for VDC’s AutoID & Transaction Automation practice, discusses the role of mobility solutions in customer engagement.

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  • Mobility for Customer Engagement

    1. 1. AutoID & Transaction Automation Practice Richa Gupta – Analyst QUICKCAST Mobility for Customer Engagement June 2011 © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction
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    6. 6. Today’s Speaker Richa Gupta Analyst Richa has worked as an Associate Research Manager in the Customer Satisfaction Management and Measurement (CSMM) division at IMRB International, Mumbai. Her stint there involved work on Customer and Channel Partner Satisfaction studies, Customer Relationship Assessment (CRA) and Customer Transaction Assessment (CTA) for one of India’s largest telecom service providers. During the course of her MBA, she took up a 4-month Internship at a salon chain wherein she was instrumental in designing the Operational Audit format along with being an integral part of the team that set up the software module for achieving operational standardization. Richa has a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Pune, India and holds an MBA in Retail Management from NMIMS, Mumbai, India.For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction Automation
    7. 7. Today’s Agenda Mobility for Customer Engagement — Deployment, Investment Drivers & Barriers Mobility in Customer Engagement Solutions Market Trends Implications for Deployers & Their Suppliers © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction
    8. 8. Introduction: Mobility in the Center of the New Consumer EconomyInterest in mobility solutions is strong—but adoption is still in nascent stages.Notable deployments include:  Home Depot, Nordstrom, The Apple Store—mobile POS  Stop & Shop/Giant—PSS  A wide range of dining formats – mobile PTTAdoption drivers vary by technology and organization dimensions, but, areconcentrated in some combination of the following:  Higher operational productivity  Stronger customer loyalty  Increased sales per ticket/ shift/ unitSmartphones are emerging as a strong platform option – for both associateAND consumer deployment  Reduces CAPEX by eliminating hardware costs, and  Could pose a threat to dedicated solutions market opportunitiesAt the bottom of it all? Customer empowerment – for it will drive or positively impactmany of the more specific metrics cited above © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction Automation
    9. 9. Real-Time, Proof That B-to-C Operators Are Planning for MobilityOutlook  Responses from VDC’s Q1 b-t-c enterprise operator survey (Q1 ’11) indicate significant rise in installation and integration of mobile devices  These are expected to be an extension of the traditional system, at a lower cost while offering comparable functionality enabled by secure wireless, on-demand networks Mobile POS Mobile PTT Current Planned Current Planned Installations Installations None 15.84% 8.86% None 19.6% 11.1% 1 to 5 34.16% 19.94% 1 to 5 33.2% 19.0% 6 to 10 24.84% 18.04% 6 to 10 23.9% 17.7% 11 to 15 13.98% 20.89% 11 to 15 13.7% 24.4% 16 to 20 8.39% 17.09% 16 to 20 8.4% 18.4% 21 to 25 2.80% 15.19% 21 to 25 1.2% 9.5% © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction
    10. 10. Global Market Investment in Dedicated Retail Mobility Solutions is Strong Global Demand for Mobility Solutions 2010 = $449.5 Million Asia and Europe are leading in different deployments North America is rapidly adopting mobile$450 marketing, advertising, gaming, but, slower with$400 commerce$350$300 Mobility solutions will be complementing, not$250 displacing, traditional solutions in the near term$200 Product development will continue around$150 several key areas:$100  Functionality $50  Form factors $0  Software solutions / UIs © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction Automation
    11. 11. Mobility for the New Retail Adoption Many Drivers, but Some BarriersSeamless customer experience across multiple channels – one screen – is the keyMobility is another platform that is blurring lines between customer engagementtechnologiesConsumer devices are the pattern by which mobility solutions ins retail are beingmodeledHowever, adoption and large scale deployments of mobility solutions have beenrelatively uncommon to date—particularly in the US. The three most common barriersto adoption cited in VDC’s 2011 CET End User survey are detailed below: Barrier Respondents Citing Cost 27.8% Technology too immature 26.7% No clear return on 25.6% investment © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction Automation
    12. 12. If Mobility is the Center, Then so too is the Consumer and Her Device …Technical Specifications  Operating Systems: Windows AND (not vs.) Android AND (not vs.) iOS  Processing Platform: ARM vs. Intel … or other processing platforms  Application Platform: Browser-based vs. Native vs. hybridNetwork Specifications  Balance demand for flexibility and service consistency with security  Device/user identification, authentication and provisioning  The cloudApplications for the Future  Endless Aisle – extending the concept onto mobile  Loyalty – tailored promotions and couponing  Preference Management – highly personalized  Interactive Digital Signage – using NFC to integrate IDDS with mobile devices © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction Automation
    13. 13. Thank You for Attending this VDC WebcastFor more information please contact: Richa Gupta – Analyst | 508.653.9000 x131 John Shuster – Analyst | 508.653.9000 x133 Christopher Rezendes – Executive Vice President | 508.653.9000 x120For complimentary insights and marketing data: © 2011 VDC Research Webcast AutoID & Transaction Automation