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Mobile Worker Trends: Fears of Managing an Increasing Mobile Workforce


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During this webcast, VDC's David Krebs discusses mobile worker trends, enterprise mobility penetration, the leading mobility investment concerns and device and security management requirements.

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Mobile Worker Trends: Fears of Managing an Increasing Mobile Workforce

  1. 1. Fears of Managing an Increasing Mobile Workforce<br />Mobile Worker Trends<br />FEBRUARY 2011<br />webcast<br />David Krebs – Practice Director<br />
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  6. 6. David Krebs<br />Practice Director<br />David has more than ten years experience covering the markets for enterprise and government mobility solutions, wireless data communication technologies and automatic data-capture research and consulting. David focuses on identifying the key drivers and enablers in the adoption of mobile and wireless solutions among mobile workers in the extended enterprise. David’s consulting and strategic advisory experience is far reaching and includes technology and market opportunity assessments, technology penetration and adoption enablers, partner profiling and development, new product development and M&A due diligence support. David has extensive primary market research management and execution experience to support market sizing and forecasting, total cost of ownership (TCO), comparative product performance evaluation, competitive benchmarking and end user requirements analysis. David is a graduate of Boston University (BSBA).<br />– <br />
  7. 7. Mobile Worker Trends <br />Enterprise Mobility Penetration<br />Leading Mobility Investment Concerns<br />Device Management Requirements<br />Security Management Requirements<br />
  8. 8. Mobile worker population exceeds 1 billion in 2010<br />Mobile Worker Population – Global Outlook<br />The global mobile worker population exceeded 1 billion in 2010.<br />Growth by function<br />2010–2014 Line Worker Growth: -11.8%<br />2010–2014 Knowledge Worker Growth: +19.1%<br />Enablement of a more capable mobile worker through real access to business critical information. <br />Many mobile workers’ job responsibilities are expanding. For example, service technicians now have the capability– and responsibility– to cross and up-sell customers on a variety of new features or options. <br />LineWorkers<br />571.3 Million<br />
  9. 9. Mobile device penetration among mobile workers to near 10% by 2014<br />Global installed base of mobile devices supporting enterprise and government mobility applications to exceed 100 million by 2014.<br />Only includes devices supporting real time distributed transaction processing applications. NOT including mobile devices only used for PIMS and email applications. <br />Greater number of organizations making enterprise applications available on company issued and personal devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). <br />Mobile Device Penetration Regional Outlook<br />Millions of Units<br /> 61.2 69.1 79.5 90.7 102.2<br />
  10. 10. Better management of mobile devices is a consistent ‘top of mind’ issue for organizations.<br />Providing remote support and management a key requirement<br />Leading Mobility Investment Concerns<br />
  11. 11. <ul><li>Core device management functionality of greatest importance include the ability to troubleshoot devices in real-time and distribute SW and updates remotely.
  12. 12. These are especially acute issues as device failure has such an significant impact on TCO for many enterprise mobility applications.
  13. 13. In fact, troubleshooting the device remotely in the field can reduce the cost impact of that failure by as much as 80% (in terms of lost productivity and overall support costs). </li></ul>SW distribution and remote troubleshooting are critical device management functions<br />Device Management Requirements<br />
  14. 14. Once a discrete discipline, security management now a central MDM function<br />Security Management Requirements<br />
  15. 15. For more information please contact:<br />Gerrald Smith – Account| 508.653.9000x113<br />David Krebs –|508.653.9000x136<br />Eric Klein – Senior| 508.653.9000 x141<br />Balca Korkut – | 508.653.9000 x134<br />