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The beauty of Turkey


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Csarment created this presentation after our stay in Antalya.

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  • the capital not İstanbul, but Ankara.
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The beauty of Turkey

  1. 1.  Turkey is the only country that is located in Europe and Asia. It is among three seas: Mediterranean Sea, Sea of ​Marmara and black sea. Its capital is Istanbul and another important city is Antalya.
  2. 2.  Antalya is situated on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, and It is surrounded by mountains. The Taurus Mountains
  3. 3. PanoramicViews
  4. 4. Island Flagsof the cityLandscapes
  5. 5. Ataturk monument City Beaches
  6. 6. The wallsDifferent trees
  7. 7. ANTALYA : MINICITY The minicity of Antalya is a miniature park that contains historical monuments of the Anatolian civilizations. In other words, you can see monuments of ancient times in miniature, for example:
  8. 8.  Istambul, 1907 Hıdiv Pavilion Bursa, 1400 Bursa Ulu Mosque
  9. 9.  Antalya, 3rd century B.C. Side Athena Temple Izmir, 159 B.C.Zeus Altar
  10. 10.  Bursa, 1421 Green tomb Istanbul, 1321 Chora museum
  11. 11. B y Carmen García