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pumpkin recipe


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Alicia found and sent us this pumpkin recipe

Published in: Self Improvement
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pumpkin recipe

  1. 1. ETWINNING PROJECTATOM. A TASTE OF MATHSTASK 1.A. WRITE A RECIPE FOR SOMETHING TRADITIONAL IN AUTUMN.Characteristics:1.Include ingredients.2.Include quantity expressions.3.Give exact instructions.4.Add images.B. Write a glossary with the terms you learn during the task.C. Write a glossary with the non-numerical quantityexpressions used in recipes.λ One spoonful of....A pinch of....
  2. 2. λA little of....λA glass of....D.Upload your work here. Ingredients we need to make fresh pumpkin: We need 500 grams of sugar and 500 grams of pumpkin. Instructions to prepare fresh pumpkin:•Divide the pumpkin into pieces and peel.•Weigh the pieces and take the same amount of sugar.•Cook slowly until it is undone.•Let it caramelize, and mix (bat).•And were done
  3. 3. B. Write a glossary with the terms you learn during the task.Spoon: a piece of cutlery with a shallow bowl-shaped container and a handle; used to stir orserve or take up food.
  4. 4. Pinch:Weighs:Jam: