Prospectus for ShareComp 2012


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This is the Exhibitor Prospectus for ShareComp 2012 ( The third annual ShareComp virtual conference for equity and share-based compensation.

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Prospectus for ShareComp 2012

  1. 1. Exhibitor ProspectusThe Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference Live: 16 February 2012
  2. 2. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 ShareComp: What and Why? What is ShareComp? ShareComp is the only global, virtual conference for share-based compensation information and solutions. Our ShareComp 2011 conference had over 1,800 registrants and connected more than 800 companies over a 16 hour period. Why Exhibit? One of the largest events for share-based compensation, ShareComp is unique among events in the industry. ShareComp brings together influential decision-makers, experts and leading providers from around the world for a one-day live event plus a six month On- Demand event. Industry leading and progressive companies will want to be a part of this significant virtual conference. Instantly and continuously measurable lead generation • Qualified leads: Average of more than 190 direct contacts and 1,800 participant leads • Detailed participant data: Activity reports for: booths, chats, document downloads, presentations, polls and prize drawing participation • A benefit for your contacts: Silver sponsorships and higher receive a custom sponsor code for unlimited number of participants - ($595 value per attendee) Time and money savings • No travel costs or lost office time: Participating from the office Which Sponsorship Level is Right for You? provides complete flexibility for booth staff scheduling •! Platinum: Maximum visibility and engagement with • Free staff education: All highest profile event (Keynote), top promotional billing sponsorship levels provide •! Gold: Great visibility and engagement with premier time unlimited staff attendance slots for presentations, next-to-best booth placement • No booth costs: Great looking •! Silver: Good visibility and engagement with a booths require no purchase, rental, presentation and Sponsor Passes shipping, or union fees • No printing costs: A “green” •! Bronze: Value visibility opportunity and good opportunities for engaging customers event, ShareComp supports electronic distribution of all conference invitations, collateral, and educational materials Want to know more? Go to for more conference and exhibition information. © Virtual Conference Partners 2
  3. 3. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 ShareComp by the Numbers Show-wide Statistics Registrants Companies 1584 2628 1194 1845 900 1295 Unique Users (Live Day) Unique Webcast Presentation Views 1110 4726 808 588 1904 767 ShareComp 2010 ShareComp 2011 ShareComp 2012 (proj.) Sponsor Specific Statistics Group Chats: Unique Participants Avg Visitors per Sponsor Booth 14027 230 199 172 1599 4736 Avg Unique Content Views per Sponsor Unique Content Item Views 228 7930 192 161 4432 2477 ON24 Virtual Event Survey Statistics Participant Interaction During a Virtual Event Downloaded materials 77% Watched a webcast 74% Visted a booth 71% Participated in chat 45% Responded to a poll or survey 34% Exchanged contact info with sponsor 20% Activities Resulting from Virtual Event Attendance Visited a vendorʼs site for more information about them 59% Used a Search Engine ro get more information about a vendor 49% Revisted the same event on-demand 49% Forwarded registration page to co-workers / colleagues 37% Forwarded on-demand link to co-workers / colleagues 34% Proactively contacted a vendor for more information 19% © Virtual Conference Partners 3
  4. 4. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 Exhibiting at ShareComp ShareComp 2012 Live opens on 16 February 2012 at 9:00 AM GMT with live presentations and scheduled chats, staffed booths, and networking. The conference isUnlike any other event in the live during business hours in Europe, India, Australia,industry, ShareComp bringstogether influential decision- Japan, and the Americas, concluding at 5:00 PM PSTmakers and leading industry (US).vendors for a one-day live eventplus a six month On-Demand event. ShareComp On-DemandIt is the only virtual globalconference and exhibition for Most events give you two or three days of contact.share-based compensation. !It ShareComp gives you six months. Webcastoffers: recordings, scheduled chat transcriptions, and event• Measurable lead generation content are available On-Demand six months following o Real-time chat transcripts, the live event. document download activity, presentation attendance, poll and The Exhibit Hall will be open for guests to peruse booth prize drawing participation, and content and meet sponsors by appointment. Throughout booth activity the On-Demand period, sponsors seeking the most o Tracking of custom Sponsor Pass usage marketing exposure will add and update booth content. o Conference contact lists Updated and new presentations, articles, marketing collateral, and web links can be drivers of new booth o Searchable participant index activity.• Time and money savings o Participating from the office On-Demand is also a time for sponsors to fully-utilize provides complete flexibility for booths with scheduled live presentations, booth staff scheduling demonstrations, chats, and other events. Ongoing o No charge for staff to participate marketing throughout the On-Demand period will attract in education sessions and new participants, while periodic alerts will keep network ShareComp 2012 registrants up-to-date on changes to o Virtual booths don’t need to be purchased, rented, shipped, or conference content. outfitted o Online distribution of conference invitations, collateral, and educational materials• Convenience o Live event times offer global interaction during regular business hours o On-Demand access to presentations, booths, content, and other attendees for six months © Virtual Conference Partners 4
  5. 5. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 So Much More, for So Much Less Typical Cost at Item Cost at ShareComp ShareComp Savings Traditional Conference Basic booth space $5,000 $3,500 $1,500 Premium booth space $12,000-$40,000 $7,500 - $15,000 $4,500-$25,000 Booth purchase/ $2,000-$100,000 $0 $2,000-$100,000 rental and set up fees Printed Collateral $500-$5,000 $0 $500-$5,000 Sponsored items, $2,500-$100,000 Included in Premium booth packages $2,500-$100,000 meals, or events Included in Platinum sponsorship Keynote sponsor $10,000-$100,000 $10,000-$100,000 (less any speaker’s fees) $1,500-$2,500 per Travel, food, lodging $0 $1,500-$2,500 person Unlimited staff and guest passes $750-$1,800 per Registration fees included with Silver, Gold and $2,250-$60,000 person Platinum. Unlimited staff for Bronze Total Costs (before Total savings: $3,500-$15,000 discounts) $24,750-$394,000 ShareComp 2010 2.7 ShareComp 2010 34 ShareComp 2011 3.3 ShareComp 2011 39 ShareComp 2012 (projected) 4 ShareComp 2012 (projected) 44 Avg. Hours of Attendee Participation Number of Countries Represented Networking Opportunities The average attendee spent more than 3 hours at ShareComp 2011. The average sponsor had 200 booth visitors and more than 200 document views. With a searchable index, attendees are easy to find and engage. You can share contact information with a click. © Virtual Conference Partners 5
  6. 6. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 ShareComp Sponsorship Levels Unique Package Features Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Limited number of sponsors per package 2 6 12 -- Pre-Registration Head-Start Time Period 28 21 14 -- Sponsor Pass Use Report ✓ ✓ ✓ -- Exhibit Hall Booth ! Location Central Central Peripheral Peripheral ! Number of items of content Unlimited 30 20 10 ! Direct-to-booth participant registration ✓ ✓ -- -- ! Visitor Survey ✓ ✓ ✓ -- Scheduled Activities ! Keynote 1 -- -- -- ! Webcast with Q&A 1 1 1 -- ! Scheduled Chats 4 3 2 1 ! Prize drawing 1 1 -- -- Other Marketing Exposure ! Click-to-Booth Link in Lobby ✓ ✓ -- -- ! Large lobby banner ✓ -- -- -- ! Conference welcome recognition ✓ ✓ -- -- ! Logo on promotional materials Large Medium Small -- ! Pre-loaded items in participant briefcase 2 1 -- -- Key Sponsor-level Statistics from ShareComp 2011 Unique Content Views Booth Visitors Avg. Booth Visit (minutes) Platinum 519 333 32 Gold 347 229 8 Silver 219 188 5 Bronze 73 172 3 All packages include: • Full-conference access during ShareComp Live on 16 Feb 2012 and during the six month On-Demand period. • Real-time reports of booth activity, content downloads, and sponsored activity. • Logs of booth chats are available for review post-conference. • Training for booth setup, and tips on maximizing sales leads from the booth and other ShareComp locations. • Booth content listed in ShareComp 2011 Index. • Downloadable attendee activity reports and contact information. © Virtual Conference Partners 6
  7. 7. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 Virtual Booths are Better Exhibit Hall Booth • Location. Attendee’s first view in the Exhibit Hall is of Platinum and Gold sponsor booths; scrolling right or left reveals Silver, then Bronze sponsor booths. • Style templates are used to differentiate booths by appearance. Platinum and Gold sponsors choose from the largest selection of templates. Custom booths can be designed for an additional fee. • Booth content may include audio and video files, white papers, presentations, or other resources. Some sponsors use web links to resources on their company’s servers or to useful external sites. All ShareComp content, included that from booths, is indexed and can be found in the Resource Center or via a topic or title search. Content attracts booth visitors. •Surveys can be conducted in the booth as a means of gathering more information about or opinions from booth visitors. They are often used in conjunction with giveaways or invitation- only events. • Public and private chats are the two primary methods of communicating throughout the conference, including your booth. Transcriptions of public booth chats are available On-Demand. Conversations between representatives and booth visitors often begin with text chat and continue on the telephone. • Virtual booth training is offered to all sponsors for booth representatives. Tips on staffing the booth and maximizing opportunities will be discussed. One-click icons and logos are located in ShareComp promotions and during ShareComp Live and On-Demand. They provide a one-click link to sponsors’ Exhibit Hall booths. • Sponsor directories and promotional materials have active links to locations of sponsors’ choosing. • Scheduled presentations and other events have the sponsor’s logo linked to their booth. • Lobby banners are reserved for Gold and Platinum Sponsors. © Virtual Conference Partners 7
  8. 8. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 What Does Sponsorship Get You?General Admission and Sponsor’s Scheduled EventsExemption Sponsors receive an attendance report for their scheduledThe registration fee for non-sponsor activities. Presentations are scheduled on a first-come, first-participants is $595 per person. Most served basis by sponsorship level.participants will attend for free with a • Keynote addresses have the highest visibility of theSponsor Pass, which is available from presentations. Platinum sponsors have the right to provide aPlatinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors. keynote address; topic and speaker must be approved byDirect-to-Booth (D2B) Admission VCP. Each Keynote address may be audio or video with theGuests of Platinum and Gold Sponsors option of a live question and answer period.automatically enter ShareComp • Webcast presentations are a 30 minute live or pre-recorded,through their sponsor’s booth. These video or slides-with-audio webcast held in the ShareCompguests typically stay longer, interact Presentation Hall.more, and download more information • Scheduled chats are open-dialogue text chats on pre-in their sponsor’s booth than in other determined topics introduced by moderators. Topics includebooths. best practices and detailed analyses of issues covered inPre-Registration Head Start webcasts. Scheduled Chats are open for 60 minutes per topic.Participants typically accept and use • Prize drawings are announced show-wide, and may be usedthe first sponsor pass offered. to drive booth traffic. They appear on the ShareComp agendaPlatinum sponsors may issue Sponsor and in reader board reminders. ShareComp uses anPasses 28 days prior to the opening of innovative points-based system to drive participantgeneral registration. Gold sponsors interaction with sponsors and presentations.will have a 21-day head start and Additional VisibilitySilver sponsors 14-day head start. Use • Video acknowledgement in conference welcome message.of Sponsor Passes are tracked and Platinum and Gold Sponsors are thanked for their support inincluded in the conference reports the ShareComp lobby greeting.package for Platinum, Gold and SilverSponsors. • Static logo on printed promotional and registration materials: active link on e-materials, Platinum, Gold and Silver SponsorsRegistrant Data and Activity will have logo placement on the ShareComp web site.Reports • Booth content listed in ShareComp 2012 Index. Booth contentSponsors can access lead reports of all is also available through a topic search or in the Resourcebooth visitors, sponsored activity Center, so the number of items in the booth equals presenceparticipants, sponsored content outside the booth.viewers, and sponsor pass users with • Pre-loaded items in participant briefcase. As with a physicalcontact information and detailed conference, participants may collect items from sponsorqualifying information. Reports will be booths. This feature allows Platinum and Gold Sponsors toavailable for the ShareComp live event pre-load an item each participant’s briefcase. All items in theand anytime during On-Demand. participants’ briefcase will be downloaded to their computer at the touch of a button. • ShareComp is promoted heavily on social and business networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. © Virtual Conference Partners 8
  9. 9. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 Pricing Early-Bird Pricing Expires September 30, 2011* "#$%&()$*!+$),-!./$! "#$%&()$*!+$),-!./$!#%%! 5-31%#$!6$),- $-01$2)23!4+/24/$4!/2%& 4+/24/$4!"#$%&()#*)+#*#,- .&/0*-&1&23&4%5,%6+%"&73.. .&/0*-&1&23&4%5,%6+%"&73.. .&8$,9+%"&1&72&:%$%6+%"&73..!*);<06 =..>7?3 =.7>@?3 =.?>333A9*B =C>333 =.3>333 =.7>3334#*(%" =D>333 =D>333 =@>?33E"9<F% =7>D33 =7>D33 =2>?33 Benefits of Early-Bird Sponsorship G Choice of sponsorship level. Only 2 Platinum and 6 Gold packages available. G Priority booth template selection (booth exclusivity for Platinum and Gold.) G Priority consideration of presentation topic. G Priority selection of presentation time slot. G Priority selection for scheduled chat topics. G Sponsor Pass distribution. Guests typically accept the first invitation to use a Sponsor’s Pass. G Additional features and opportunities available, ask us for details. ! 50% of sponsorship fee must be received by Sept 30, 2011 to retain Early-Bird status. ! Sign up and pay in full by August 31, 2011 to receive two additional documents pre-loaded in every attendee briefcase. Regular price ShareComp sponsorship opportunities close December 23, 2011 © Virtual Conference Partners 9
  10. 10. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 Live Event Agenda: 16 Feb 2012 Scheduled programming Start Times begins with a Keynote Keynote - 60 min. presentation at 9:00 AM Webcast - 30 min. GMT.Scheduled Chat - 30 min. Scheduled Chats Webcast presentations are GMT EST PST Presentation Hall In Booth immediately followed by9:00 AM 4:00 AM 1:00 AM European Keynote Scheduled Chats on related topics.10:00 AM 5:00 AM 2:00 AM Webcast10:30 AM 5:30 AM 2:30 AM Scheduled Chats Keynotes and Webcasts11:00 AM 6:00 AM 3:00 AM Webcast are available free On-11:30 AM 6:30 AM 3:30 AM Scheduled Chats Demand for six months12:00 PM 7:00 AM 4:00 AM Webcast after the conference.12:30 PM 7:30 AM 4:30 AM Scheduled Chats The Networking Lounge,1:00 PM 8:00 AM 5:00 AM Webcast Exhibit Hall and Resource1:30 PM 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Scheduled Chats Center are open2:00 PM 9:00 AM 6:00 AM US Keynote throughout the live event and available during the3:00 PM 10:00 AM 7:00 AM Webcast six month On-Demand3:30 PM 10:30 AM 7:30 AM Webcast Scheduled Chats period for solutions and4:00 PM 11:00 AM 8:00 AM Webcast Scheduled Chats conversations.4:30 PM 11:30 AM 8:30 AM Webcast Scheduled Chats5:00 PM 12:00 PM 9:00 AM Webcast Scheduled Chats5:30 PM 12:30 PM 9:30 AM Webcast Scheduled Chats6:00 PM 1:00 PM 10:00 AM Webcast Scheduled Chats Platinum Priority6:30 PM 1:30 PM 10:30 AM Scheduled Chats7:00 PM 2:00 PM 11:00 AM Webcast7:30 PM 2:30 PM 11:30 AM Scheduled Chats Gold Priority8:00 PM 3:00 PM 12:00 PM Webcast8:30 PM 3:30 PM 12:30 PM Scheduled Chats Silver Priority9:00 PM 4:00 PM 1:00 PM Webcast9:30 PM 4:30 PM 1:30 PM Scheduled Chats10:00 PM 5:00 PM 2:00 PM Webcast10:30 PM 5:30 PM 2:30 PM Scheduled Chats11:00 PM 6:00 PM 3:00 PM Webcast11:30 PM 6:30 PM 3:30 PM Scheduled Chats © Virtual Conference Partners 10
  11. 11. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 A Few ShareComp 2011 Attendees 78#2*9->&A%<%")*&H90<I%* T-$0B=&4"P&:#"%$,9">&E%<%K,I&$$90<;<M ]1)2<%-4=!A*9+)*&O<$%<;(%I&L)<)M%" 89!:$#2,->&H965%<I);9<JE%<%K,I&L)<)M%" T-P%-U6#,G#$*=&:#"%$,9">&QR0#,-&H965%<I);9< 5#L/L#2G=&!"9f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a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b9S#)&QR0#,-&W%M#I,%" M&,/!D20-$2#</2#%=&:#"%$,9">&QU%$0;(%& H90<I%*&4"P F/?-%%=!H9<,"9**%" H965%<I);9< >-%%=&T"%)I0"-&4"P&L)<)M%" F1#2,-!H/AA12),#</24=&4%<#9"&$$90<,)<, WOIO!(#2,/$+=&Y!>&E%<%K,&:%I#M< "#40A#2!Q/*#G!H/A+#2&=&:#"%$,9"1QU%$0;(%& F[D>D;!H/$+/$#</2=!:#"14,9$S&B6#<#I,");9<>& W2)0-*T-#%0S!N$/1+=&4"P&L)<)M%">&4,9$S&!*)<&B6#<P H965%<I);9< !)-"9**&J&c3.dSe W21A=!:#"%$,9">&QU%$0;(%&H965%<I);9< -(#&!D2,O=&4"P&4,9$S&<)*-I, E,,)*-20#%!6-0$/%-1A=!4"&H90<I%* [#%-$/!"2-$3&!H/$+=&Z%)B&E%<%K,I&45%$#)*#I, "%-,0$/2),!;$04=!]%)B&9V&H965%<I);9< 8A2),-%%=!9#2#3-$=&QR0#,-&H965 Y-$)3&=&Y#$%&!"%I#B%<,&9V&]06)<&W%I90"$%I "9H!H/$+/$#</2=!4"P&LM"P&O<,%"<);9<)*&QR0#,- EA2),/A!N$/1+=&L)<)M%"&9V&QR0#,-&H965%<I);9< `#%9#$0!I0/$-4=!D2,O=!4"P&:#"%$,9">&A*9+)*&QR0#,- :(5!H#+)0#%!9#$G-04=&:#"%$,9">&H965%<I);9< EF!I-A),/2*1,0/$!H/$+/$#</2=&QR0#,-& `#%3$--2!H/O>&:#"%$,9"&9V&N#<)<$% :)RS!MS)$*!(#2G=&Y!&QU%$0;(%&H965%<I);9< H965%<I);9<&L)<)M%" `-%%4!:#$3/=&QU%$0;(%&H965%<I);9< :1-%H-%%!"2-$3&=&Y!&]06)<&W%I90"$%I E$#,%-=!T)U&:#"%$,9" `-40-$2!W2)/2=!4Y!&]W&A*9+)*&85%");9<I N#A-:%&=&HN8 6;5""@=!Y!>&H965%<I);9<>&E%<%K,I&)<B&]WO4 `S/%-!://*4=!A*9+)*&4"P&<)*-I, N#+>&L)<)M%"&1&N#<)<$% 6#&,S-C!D2,O=!4%<#9"&4QH&$$90<,)<, _#S//a!D2,O=&:#"%$,9">&4,9$S&!*)<&4%"(#$%I N-2-$#%!"%-,0$),=&Z%)B%"&QU%$&H965&J&4)"%8X<%"& 6"MHE=&L)<)M%">&N#<)<$#)*&II0")<$% b)AA-$=&:#"%$,9">&O<,%"<);9<)*&T)U 4%"(#$%I 6)C#$!;2)A#</2!I01*)/4=!LM">&4,9$S&J&ZTO&5"9M")6I b/$#2!H/$+/$#</2=&Y!&]06)<&W%I90"$%I N-2-$#%!9)%%4=&:#"%$,9">&QU%$0;(%&H965%<I);9< !$#C#)$=!D2,=!4"&:#">&A*9+)*&H965 N/%*A#2!I#,S4=&Y!1QR0#,-&H965%<I);9< 6$/,0-$!X!N#AL%-=&4%<#9"&L)<)M%">&]06)<& !"#$%&&(!)$*+"#(&#$,-(&. NIQ=&:#"%$,9">&_`&E%<%K,I W%I90"$%I T#%%)L1$0/2=&4%<#9"&:#"%$,9"&T9,)*&H965%<I);9< ]1#%,/AA>&Y!>&Z%M)*&H90<I%* © Virtual Conference Partners 11
  12. 12. ShareComp 2012: Share-Based Compensation Virtual Conference 16 February 2012 General Information ShareComp 2011 Sponsors Past ShareComp Keynote Speakers Platinum Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Gold BNY Mellon EASi EquityMethods Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Member NYSE, SIPC Orrick Stock & Option Solutions Silver Baker & McKenzie Bird & Bird E*TRADE Corporate Services Norse Solutions Performensation ReedSmith Rutlen Associates Bronze GlobalSharePlans Group Five, Inc. Associations CEPI ECE GEO ifs ProShare NASPP NCEO Please contact any member of Virtual Conference Partners for more information on becoming a sponsor. Melanie Jameson: +1-415-625-3405, Marlene Zobayan: +1-650-868-9282, Dan Walter: +1-415-625-3406, © Virtual Conference Partners 12