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  • This report deserves an F.

    First, the author denigrates all foreign women who meet a foreign man through the internet by calling them 'mail order brides.' Would this author call an American woman a mail-order bride if she married a man she met through the internet? No, I think not. He reserves this appeallation for women from third-world countries. Thus, he thinks that a woman from the third-world is naturally inferior to Americans and naturally such a woman is weak and submissive and unable to protect herself. Such attitudes are arrogant and ethnocentric, but not atypical for Americans who feel that theya re superior to other countries and cultures.

    The author, a male, seems to think that his gender is dangerous and needs controls such as investigations before marriage, as he writes, 'Some men are not properly investigated and the women so not know if these men are a threat to them.' Young Cesar, do you realy think men must be investigated before they meet women? Young Cesar, are you going to have yourself investigated before you go on another date with a girl? Young Cesar, do you think that men are all bad and women are all good?

    However, I do give the author an A for effort. He really did try to write a fair report. The only problem is, HE COULD ONLY FIND UNFAIR SOURCES ONLINE. For instance, Cesar writes, 'Abuse is a very key possibility in these arrangements, some women are abused repeatedly by their spouses and their lives are endangered continuously.'

    Where on earth did Cesar get this information? Surely he did not read the government report done in 1999 that showed that in such relationships the abuse rate IS 7% OF THE ABUSE RATE IN DOMESTIC RELATIONSHIPS. Instead, he found the radical feminist phony opinions, never supported by any statistics, and he repeated them.

    And I am willing to bet that young Cesar does not personally know any men who have married foreign women, nor do the feminists' whose reports he got his information. But I do, I know dozens of them, and I know that young Cesar, trying as he did to write a fair report, got hoodwinked by the radical feminist lobby that has been working for years to create and spread lies, deceptions and distortions about American men who do not choose to marry them!

    Hey Cesar, do the world at least one favor and replace the battered woman picture with a happy couple picture. You owe it to the truth.
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