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’Negative contribution’ of automatic postural control


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’Negative contribution’ of automatic postural control

  1. 1. You can do it. Rajul VasaScientist- Applied Movement . www.
  2. 2. Baby at BirthAt birth, child’s brain is notequipped with anticipatorypostural circuits andconnections in postural centersthis makes him dependent forhis safety at birth.
  3. 3. Centre Of Mass- [COM] safetyBaby at birth, cannotcontrol or restore hisCOM to safety fromwithin.
  4. 4. Postural MilestonesAs the baby’s brain and body growsto develop different posturalmilestones from head holding tositting, crawling, standing, andbipedal walking he gets equippedwith anticipatory postural control andgets connected to gravity withautomatic control on balance safety.
  5. 5. Paretic muscles• Child with brain lesion is unable to connect to gravity spatiotemporally effectively.• His postural milestones get delayed.• Gravity constantly topples him down when Paretic muscles are unable to generate enough force to control and restore his COM to safety.
  6. 6. Brain finds its own solution!• As child is unable to control and restore his COM to safety, constant invariant gravitational force makes him constantly unsafe.• Self-organizing brain reacts to find solution for safety without waiting for any external help as, safety from falling [safety of COM] is a priority for all living beings.
  7. 7. Anticipatory postural controlChild with delayed milestone + pareticweak muscles + inability to control andrestore his COM to safetylooses out on…..Timely opportunity of inlayinganticipatory postural connectivityamong postural centers of brain criticalto much needed automatic safety.
  8. 8. Increasing body massChild’s body mass grows with growingchronological age. This makes it stillharder for the child with delayedmilestone and weak under developedparetic muscles to safeguard hisbalance against the toppling force ofgravity.This triggers negative vicious circle.
  9. 9. Self-organizing brainSelf-organizing brain automaticallycontinues to attempt to prioritizesafety from falling using differentresources from within when muscleforce is not available and whenpostural motor milestones remaindelayed by acting optimally andeconomically.Safety from falling [safety of COM] is a priority for all living beings.
  10. 10. Negative contributionJourney of Self-organizing braintowards negative contribution beginswhen it outsources alternative toolsavailable within in abundance, thatcould provide indirect safety byrestricting movement to defend COM,especially when controlling andrestoring COM to safety is not possiblewith paretic under developed muscles.
  11. 11. ContractureAlternative tools are connective tissueand fascia available in abundance thatconnect everything in the body toeverything else at a distance and alsobind fibers of muscles from inside outthereby easily bind multilinked bodyinto a log like structure with contracturethat could restrict movement therebyindirectly defend COM.
  12. 12. Negative compounding effectRestriction on movement fromcontracture + delayed milestones +paretic muscles + inability to controlCOM, all these has compoundingnegative effect on brain’s ability ofinlaying of anticipatory posturalconnectivity post birth critical forautomatic control of COM safety.
  13. 13. Log like structureSelf-organizing brain relentlesslycontinues to move on in its journey forautomatic safety by not letting body todevelop postural milestone andturning body into log like structurewith contracture that restrictsmovements in multilinked body in selfdefense to prioritize safety..
  14. 14. Internal v/s ExternalThis internal journey of brain todevelop contracture does not stopdespite huge external human effortsput in to manually stretch contracture,use Botox on under developedcontracted wasted muscle sheet orchild going under surgical knife.
  15. 15. Coax the brain for its priorityBrain continues its negative journeyand child gets trapped in for ever tobecome a CP child unless brain iscoaxed to act for its priority safety ofCOM from within so that child grows,develops muscles, inlays anticipatorypostural control and leaves behindnegative contribution; ‘contractureand stiffness’ with Vasa Concept.
  16. 16. You can do it.You can preventcontractures and stiffnessand prevent body fromturning into a log likestructure.