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Cerebral Palsy - Palliative Treatment or Solution?


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Multiple complex symptoms in CP children can be avoided by exploiting fast growing brain, growing muscle, in tandem with gravitational force for global development of the child before gravity turns a liability for balance safety.

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Cerebral Palsy - Palliative Treatment or Solution?

  1. 1. Palliative Treatment OR Solution? By Dr Rajul Vasa
  2. 2. Currently treatment remainspalliative with primary focus on Muscle; “The Victim”
  3. 3. Primary Problem lies in the brain.
  4. 4. Self-organizing brain finds its own solutionwithout waiting for any external help when balance i.e. COM safety is under threat.‘Safety of Centre of Mass [COM] is always a priority for all living beings’.
  5. 5. CP Child’s brain and body are unable to connect to gravity spatiotemporally effectively and remain imbalanced withconstant threat from gravity for its balance safety.
  6. 6. Child’s Brain automatically reacts to prioritize safety of balance. [Centre of Mass (COM) safety]
  7. 7. Growing brain with lesion Reacts Negatively when it is yet not inlayed / equipped with anticipatory posturalcontrol for automatic safety as in an adult brain.
  8. 8. Brain always acts economically and optimally. Brain always exploits what is available in abundance withinthe body for its safety especially when muscle force is not available from paresis.
  9. 9. Brain exploits connective tissue and fascia available in abundance throughout the body to generate force that could connect and bind multilinked body and turn it into a log like structurein order to restrict movement with stiffness and contracture thereby defend COM and provide safety.
  10. 10. Growth of muscle is affected in a CP child from paresis and brain is notequipped with anticipatory postural control at birth. This makes me re-consider our assumptions on muscle spasticity and treating spasticity in CP children.
  11. 11. We all know that contractures do return after serial plaster cast or after Injecting Botox in muscle or despite cutting it surgically BECAUSE……. In my experience, Self-organizing brain relentlessly continues to order for contracture for COM safety from within without considering outside efforts gone in reducing contracture of under-developed muscle.
  12. 12. One can prevent negative contribution ofBrain; ‘The Contracture and Stiffness’ in multi linked body by channelizing self-organizing brain by coaxing it to act for its priority; “safety of COM”.
  13. 13. Vasa Concept prevents negative contribution of self-organizing brain and promotes inlaying ofanticipatory postural control for automatic balance safety from within.
  14. 14. Vasa concept promotes functionalintegration among major physiological systems of the body like cardiac,respiratory, circulatory, skin, digestive,excretory, musculoskeletal system and nervous system for most efficient growth and development withoutepileptic seizures or involuntary muscle twitches and much needed homeostasis critical to survival.
  15. 15. Vasa Concept exploits brain, body and gravity in safe environment of ‘homesweet home’ for number of hours a day doing activity and exercises to strengthen growing muscle, inlay automatic postural control and re-reorganize self organized brain to give permanent solution to balance safety in CP children.