911, cpr and aed


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911, cpr and aed

  1. 1. 911 & CPR in theClassroom, Campus or in the Community By: Mark Schubert, TCC AHA BCLS Instructor 1 03/28/13
  2. 2. Introduction Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Pushing on the chest (compressions) and giving breaths Call 911, start CPR right away and use an AED 2 03/28/13
  3. 3. Agenda You will learn the basics of how, why and when to give CPR Pushing hard and fast on the chest (compressions) will be the primary focus 3 03/28/13
  4. 4. Overview Bystander CPR and AED use can help save a life through preserving the brain and heart, and returning the heart to a normal rhythm Understanding your role and how the puzzle fits together can save a life cpr aha aed heart 911 shoc k ecc brain ppe 4 03/28/13
  5. 5. Fears of doing CPR 5 03/28/13
  6. 6. Vocabulary 911=Emergency response number Compression=act of pushing on the chest Mask=breathing tool for protection AED=automatic device to shock the heart 6 03/28/13
  7. 7. Scene safety Look for anything nearby that may hurt you You don’t want to hurt yourself 7 03/28/13
  8. 8. Tap and Shout Check if the person responds Tap him and shout, “Are you OK?” If he doesn’t move, speak, blink, or otherwise react, then he is not responding 8 03/28/13
  9. 9. Call 911 Yell for help Have the person who comes phone 911 and get an AED If no one can help, phone 911 and get an AED. Use it. 9 03/28/13
  10. 10. Check for breathing Make sure the person is on a firm, flat surface Check breathing (no longer than 10 secs) If the person isn’t breathing at all or is only gasping, give CPR Heathcare providers will check for a pulse prior to beginning CPR, lay rescuers will not 10 03/28/13
  11. 11. Begin compressions Move clothing from chest Heel of one hand on lower half of breastbone. Heel of other hand on top of the first hand Push straight down, hard and fast Compress the chest 30 times 11 03/28/13
  12. 12. Chest Compression Video 12 03/28/13
  13. 13. Give breaths Open airway (head tilt-chin lift) Pinch the nose shut, cover the mouth with your mouth (or use a mask) Give 2 breaths (blow for 1 second each) 13 03/28/13
  14. 14. CPR demonstration video 14 03/28/13
  15. 15. Keep going Keep giving sets of 30 compressions and 2 breaths You may pause when the AED arrives, the person starts to respond, or trained help arrives and takes over 15 03/28/13
  16. 16. Use the AED when it arrives Turn it on by lifting the lid or pressing the “ON” button Follow the prompts 16 03/28/13
  17. 17. AED demonstration video 17 03/28/13
  18. 18. Hands only CPR 18 03/28/13
  19. 19. Summary We have learned how, why and when to give CPR CPR may be performed whenever and wherever needed Are there any questions???? 19 03/28/13
  20. 20. Where to Get More Information Visit the American Heart Association @www.heart.org/cpr Visit ProCPR training @www.procpr.org 20 03/28/13