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This the promotional booklet of AIESEC Mendoza for exchange.

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Booklet LC Mendoza

  1. 1. Introduction TIERRA DEL SOLWHY ‘TIERRA DEL SOL’? Reservoir “Los Reyunos” in San RafaelThere’s no raining season in Mendoza. It hardly ever rains and Mendozathe sun shines 320 days out of 365!Check out the following chart:Summer 36C / 97F 17C / 62FAutumn 27C / 81F 9C / 48FWinter 24C / 75F 3C / 37FSpring 32C / 89F 12C / 53F01 Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information
  2. 2. Introduction TIERRA DEL BUEN VINO Vineyards WHY ‘TIERRA DEL Bodegas Norton, Bodegas Chandon, Bodega O. Fournier, Bodega Salentein,in Mendoza BUEN VINO’? Bodegas Arizu, Finca Decero. Mendoza was declared Great Wine Ca- Wine making has always been an im- pital in 2005 because of our top-quality portant activity in Mendoza. So much vines. Much earlier, in 1987, the Organi- so that we’re home to Fiesta Nacional sation Internationale de la Vigne et du de la Vendimia, a festival devoted to Vin (OIV) declared Mendoza an Ciudad history of the wine industry, vineyard Internacional de la Vid y el Vino. workers and Virgen de la Carrodilla, pa- tron saint of vineyards. People from all You can visit the wineries along Cami- over the globe come to our province to nos del Vino, where you’ll be able to appreciate our wines, wineries and fes- taste delicious wines, at the same time tival. In addition, National Geographic that you enjoy beautiful landscapes. selected Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia You’ll find wonderful wineries in Luján as the second most important feast in de Cuyo, Godoy Cruz, Maipú, Tupun- the world. gato and Tunuyán. Some of them are Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information 02
  3. 3. Introduction THE PERFECT COMBINATIONMENDOZA AND YOU... province where there’s no beach? WhatTHE PERFECT COMBINATION! about practicing water sports surroun- Las Leñas, ded by mountains? Would you like to MendozaMendoza is located at the west of Ar- taste delicious wines watching dawn?gentina, at the foot of the beautiful Are you willing to go shopping spreeAndes. Our province, together with San or walk along handcraft fairs? How doJuan and San Luis, makes up what is ca- you like running along an endless parklled ‘Cuyo’. Mendoza is the third largest full of green trees? Are you interestedcity in Argentina. It’s home to about a in visiting our numerous cultural andmillion inhabitants and it was declared historical sites? Did you know you canuniversity town in 2011. take baths in thermal springs having the mountains as scenery?Do you really want us to tell youeverything about Mendoza instead of That isn’t enough? Ok, would you makefinding out about it yourself? up your mind if we tell you that you can go out every day of the week? Mendo-Does it sound good to you if we say za enjoys a real active night life. The-that Mendoza is home to the highest re are plenty of pubs and lots of nightpeak in America, Aconcagua? Would clubs for you to have fun until the sunyou like to see natural sandbanks in a shines!03 Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information
  4. 4. Entertainment TOURISM IN MENDOZA Visit monuments and historical sites. Mendoza played a leading role in the Latin American liberation. General San Martín, Liberator of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, prepared and trained his troops in Mendoza. Due to his heroic deed, Mendoza has plenty of monu- ments in his honour, Cerro de la Gloria, for example. One historical site, among others, is Museo del Área Fundacional, PICTURE 1 WILL I GET BORED? where the city stood once. Rafting in Potrerillos, NOT AT ALL! Explore the city. Mendoza You can have a coffee at the pedestrian Go skiing. street, Peatonal Sarmiento; you can PICTURE 2 Las Leñas and Penitentes walk along a trekking path from Capi-Puente del Inca, • tal to Godoy Cruz; you can visit Alame- Mendoza • da. You can also take a look at Parque General San Martín. There, you’ll find Practice water sports. a museum, the zoo, a lake, a large uni- Go rafting in Mendoza river or practice versity, the football (soccer) stadium windsurf, kayak, wakeboard, etc at the and Cerro de la Gloria, among others. dams and reservoirs Potrerillos, Carri- zal, Valle Grande, Nihuil, Los Reyunos. Others. Other activities: paragliding, sky diving, Visit wineries. mountain bike, trekking, horseback ri- As we said, wine making is very impor- ding. Some of the following are web tant. Wineries offer tours around the pages to visit for more information. building, wine tasting, lodge among • the vineyards, bike tours to visit several • wineries in a day, and some even have • art galleries. • Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information 04
  5. 5. Entertainment MENDOZA AT NIGHT AMAZING stay at a bar. Arístides is a street full of bars where you can also dance. It’s the Disco in NIGHT LIFE! street that livens up the night in Men- doza. We also have a road where you Chacras de Coria, Mendoza can find boliches only. Isn’t great?In Argentina, everyone stays out late! The good thing about going out inWe go out between 12 and 1 am and Mendoza is that you can have find noget back home around 5 or 6 am. It may matter your age: You´ll find what suitssound weird but we’re sure you’ll get you everywhere!used to it!We generally get together with ourfriends and organize funny pregames.After that, we generally go to boli-ches (nightclubs) or parties. If not, we05 Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information
  6. 6. Habits FOOD & DRINKS Argentinian Something sweet? The delights Dulce de leche is the answer! You’ll also HAVE to try it. Argentinian food istraditional “Mate” unexplainable! There’s a wide range of restaurants offering Italian, Chinese, Mexican, ve- Do you know what ‘mate’ is? getarian, etc food. A traditional drink, very important in our culture even today. It’s an infusion An Argentinian food? drunk out of a gourd with a ‘bombilla’. Definitely, ‘asado’. It’s widely prepared You can have it with or without sugar. all along Argentina. We grill different kinds of meat: cow, pork, chicken, goat, And what about ‘fernet’? etc. It’s difficult to explain with words It’s an alcoholic drink served with Coca how delicious it is, so you’ll HAVE to try Cola. It’s the most common drink you’ll one! find in clubs and bars. What other food do we eat? Empanadas (usually of meat), milane- sas, pizza, pasta, locro etc. Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information 08
  7. 7. Economy ABOUT THE MONEY How much will I spend monthly? Currency Currency Purchase SaleWe estimate that, on average, a personwill spend between 500 and 600 pesos Dollar ARS$ 4.52 ARS$ 4.55per month in Mendoza. Eating out, co- Euro ARS$ 5.55 ARS$ 5.70oking, going out at least once a week Real ARS$ 2.04 ARS$ 2.19are included in such rates. *Currency rates at July 2012. As dollar price in ArgentinaTo be sure, you’d better visit this web is in continual change, we suggest visiting and compare cost of living in your You should pay attention on the third with that in ours: • www.numbeo.com09 Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information
  8. 8. Contact IMPORTANT INFO! more information LocalCommittee Mendoza Mendoza’s presentation booklet Basic Information 10