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Mobile Monday Mumbai - Jari Tammisto


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Presentation by Jari Tammisto, CEO, MobileMonday at the November 2009 event of Mobile Monday Mumbai

Published in: Technology, Business
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Mobile Monday Mumbai - Jari Tammisto

  1. 1. MobileMonday Mumbai 
  2. 2. So why MobileMonday?
  3. 3. FUN Personal Informative Networking Locally global = Innovative/unexpected p
  4. 4. ”MobileMonday has power as global grassroots innovation network” Anssi Vanjoki, Executive VP, Nokia ”MobileMonday has more immediate global reach than any other research organisation” th h i ti ” Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman, F‐secure; Member of board, Nokia ”MobileMonday represents new Linux model” ob e o day ep ese ts e u ode Tarja Halonen, President, Republic of Finland ”When we enter new markets, we always connect through MobileMonday first – it works best” Boaz Zimmermann, Chief architect, Fring ”If you want to know what is REALLY going on you should If to know is REALLY going on, you check out MobileMonday”  Harri Koponen, CEO, Tele2 ”It is already amazing what MobileMonday has achieved” Pekka Ala‐Pietilä, CEO, Blyk
  5. 5. RosettaNet Telecom Council  Focus and priority groups
  6. 6. A Web of Wireless Confusion A Web of Wireless Confusion Media and entertainment Network operators Network services Handset manufacturers Handsets and consumer electronics Web innovators Corporate apps. and services IT mega- vendors Web 2.0 communities and services Consumer electronics Software products and services
  7. 7. Facebook Mobile Announces 65 Million Users Facebook Mobile Announces 65 Million Users Adds 45 million in eight months!!! Add 45 illi i i h h !!!
  8. 8. Macro Trends • Healthcare crisis drives well‐being • Globalization of professional services of professional • Changing corporate boundries • Role of key emerging markets • Grumbling infrastructure • Clash of generations • Naked companies • Anxciety society • Panopticon
  9. 9. User experience trends • New Social Networks: Full time intimate community y • Consumer creativity: collecting, filtering, and   localising • Privacy: Trust and security concerns • Trading up: Digital gifts and status symbols • Making sense: Strategies to fight information   g g g overload • The rise of play The rise of play • Smartmob cities & nomadic mobility • The changing brandscape • Emotional mobile
  10. 10. Operators still in  Operators still in lead!?
  11. 11. Match Customer Needs
  12. 12. • Behaviour Achieving Customer Centricity • Lifestyle Increase Customer Loyalty Ch Characteristics i i • Brand Preferences • Personal Interests • Consumption Patterns
  13. 13. Thank you and let’s continue to        smile together as ‐ it is Monday!