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Meet GeekPhysical


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Hi, we're GeekPhysical and we like to play with technology. We use technology to create interactive experiences, installations, happenings, or playful rendezvous. We combine Interaction Design with Experience Design with Engineering to invent incredibly memorable experiences.

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Meet GeekPhysical

  1. 1. Capacitive touch sensitive pumpkin, lights when touched. Halloween project. GeekPhysical
  2. 2. Bringing tangible computing and rapid prototyping into the world of interaction design. GeekPhysical brings people together with technology; literally. We focus on: Tangible computing Rapid prototyping Biometrics Robotics Pyrotechnics Sensing the physical world, and interacting with it.
  3. 3. Projects we’ve done, or are doing...
  4. 4. Measuring Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and heart rate. GSR shows as blue for excited, white for calm. Heart rate is data logged for both bride and groom throughout the day. Cold Feet: Interactive Wedding Bouquet Featured in the Brazilian Wedding Fair, by ExpoNoivas
  5. 5. Visitors had the opportunity to join strangers and get hooked up to heart rate, galvanic skin response and gaze detectors. Visitors then tried to create social moments and interactions as a result of their bio- interactions. Biometric Social Interaction Featured at the Festival della Creativita, 2009 in Florence, Italy
  6. 6. As a person's heart rate rises, the corset will tighten, automatically ensuring the practice of standing up taller by tightening the stomach and enhancing the chest. This indicates to the wearer, before they are cognitively aware, that they are attracted to someone. Critical Corset Featured in an advertisement for SparkFun Electronics
  7. 7. ONLY Jeans asked event organizer Zep to create a giant ball of jeans to promote their brand. GeekPhysical built the electronics for the project and found a way to attach and release the 1500 pairs of jeans to a giant metal ball commissioned for the event. Ball of Jeans Featured in Copenhagen central train station
  8. 8. Fun for a summer’s day. We hooked up rc planes with laser pointers and created a game where planes shoot at people on the ground wearing sensors, and people on the ground shoot at the plane. Laser tag in a whole new dimension! Aerial Laser Tag
  9. 9. 64 LEDs light individually to portray a photograph being displayed across them. LED Art
  10. 10. Giant tesla coil! Fun with high voltage. Tesla Coil Featured on Danish TV series, Volt
  11. 11. We also work with Illutron. Much of the work we do is in collaboration with Illutron, an arts collective in Denmark. The following projects are with Illutron.
  12. 12. Dzl helped Illutron to design and build a jet engine type combuster “thermo jet” to generate approximately 150kw of superheated air that evaporates mass amounts of diesel fuel. The evaporated fuel is released and burned in a giant jet of flame. Goddesses worshipped the fire and were touch-reactive using theremins to interact with the audience and lighting up when touched. Pyrolandia Photograph by Mathias Vejerslev
  13. 13. N7331227 is an old robot, reverse engineered and re- imagined to become part of Brandts Art Museum in Denmark. Using computer vision, the robot saw drawings done by visitors and redrew them by pressing buttons which then lit a large light bulb wall. Reverse Engineering: ABB Robot
  14. 14. The Singing Plant was a project using a theremin to cause a plant to ‘sing’ when touched as designed by Mads Høbye. The plant was given an upgrade, and now sings by detecting a change in capacitance, and processes the resulting change through guitar reverbs, using an advanced Arduino synth made by GeekPhysical. Singing Plant Photograph by Mads Høbye
  15. 15. How do you approach someone at a night club? In an effort to facilitate contact between people at a night club, we created a need for people to communicate: to clarify a confusing situation. We switched the toilet signs in a night club every 7 times the doors were opened or closed. Chaos and communication emerged from critical design. Ladies & Men’s Room Mixup Photograph by Jonas Eriksson
  16. 16. Creating a large scale interactive installation for Europe’s largest music festival was no small feat! Working with Half Machine and 8bitKlubben, we created an explosion village. Visitors could drum a beat, working together to reach a climax and cause a huge gas explosion of flame and noise which overpowered even the massive concerts going on around it. Explosion Village Photograph by Schack Lindemann
  17. 17. Ever wondered what a barcode sounds like? We did. This project begin with a late night of inspirational brainstorming and has progressed to become a cultural catalyst for members of a youth hip hop group in Malmo. Barcodes contain beats, music, and vocal tracks and when a barcode is scanned, sound is produced. Barcode Beats Featured in Copenhagen Film Festival, CPH:DOX
  18. 18. Workshops
  19. 19. In our workshops, hands on learning means everyone learns enough about electricity, wiring, sensors, micro computing, motors, switches, lights, and many other fantastic interfaces so they can go home with the necessary tools to keep exploring.
  20. 20. Participants quickly develop the skills necessary to begin exploration on their own, and progress to creative problem solving within the workshop period.
  21. 21. Large groups...
  22. 22. Medium groups...
  23. 23. Small groups...
  24. 24. Even blind groups! Small groups.
  25. 25. We’d like to meet new groups, also exploring: Interaction Design Tangible Computing Micro Computing Biometrics ... and that sort of thing.
  26. 26. Please visit us online and write us an email!