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Virtual Connections - Lit Review


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A presentation delivered during a doctoral seminar at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta

Published in: Education
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Virtual Connections - Lit Review

  1. 1. For the past years we have witnessed the emergence of a “digital scholarship” or rather the merge between profound changeVanessa Camilleri and traditional practices. I feel I am the product of the Faculty of Education University of Malta as an institution but I am also the product of an open, networked community whose identities established virtually, impact our real life ventures. Today I bring you… A TALE OF TWO WORLDS
  2. 2. OUTLINEPresentation of Literature Review ChapterPreparing for the upgrade MPhil to PhD
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  7. 7. Engagement in Learning• Engagement in learning is seen from different perspectives• Communities of practice built around the creation of „authentic‟ experiences• Dewey‟s learning model in line with digital literacy – users learn by experience and reflection• Blended learning models use the online environment to support different learner interactions
  8. 8. Virtual Worlds• Aldrich (2009) defines them as “3D environments where participants from different locations can meet at the same time”• Different types of VWs that depend upon the context in which they are created• Affordances of VWs which define them include: IDENTITY COMMUNICATION PERSISTENCE SIMULATION ROLE PLAY EMBODIMENTSENSE OF PRESENCE
  9. 9. Serious Games• Serious games viewed as different in the scope from VWs and associated more with digital games• Defined as “games that use the artistic medium of games to deliver a message, teach a lesson or provide an experience” by Michael & Chen (2006)• Different levels of complexity which attributed to serious games arise from combination of academia, game studies, technology graphics & HCI, and eLearning & training• Serious Games, contrary to edutainment, target higher order learning skills using frameworks built around immersion, identity, interactivity, increased complexity, informed teaching, and instructional elements
  10. 10. Technology Acceptance• Education is an important backbone of society – most often this is the responsibility of teachers• Teacher beliefs and attitudes are important for the adoption and acceptance of teaching and learning modalities using technology• Models such as TAM, PAM, UTAUT, and TPACK involve ways of predicting acceptance resultant from behavioral change• Teacher training programs can help change attitudes towards adoption and acceptance of technology
  11. 11. One StepForward…Makingthe transfer M.Phil. Ph.D.