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PASCAL2015 - Citizen Online Open Networks


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A presentation delivered during PASCAL2015, in Catania

Published in: Education
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PASCAL2015 - Citizen Online Open Networks

  1. 1. Citizen Open Online Networks Engaging Communities Actively Vanessa Camilleri University of Malta, 2015 Source:
  2. 2. Source:
  3. 3. Connectivism a learner driven process (Siemens, 2004)Source:
  4. 4. A self-directed process driven by online and offline connections, residing in networks, communities and databases (Downes, 2008) Source:
  5. 5. Alternative Lifelong Learning Experiences Source:
  6. 6. Alternate Reality Games Source:
  7. 7. Source:
  8. 8. Network Enabler Model Fosters Engagement Tutors as Facilitators Reflects Global Perspectives Uses Social Media channels Collective Scaffolding The Network Enabler; supporting and maintaining network formation in MOOCs (Camilleri et al., 2014)
  9. 9. Elements for Social Interaction in Multiplayer games Elements for social interaction in multiplayer game design (Camilleri et al., 2011)
  10. 10. Citizen Engagement Citizen Networking Co-Creating Deliberate Issue Discourse Public Broadcasting A model for Citizen Engagement in MOOCs and ARGs
  11. 11. Source: Thank you Vanessa Camilleri @veecam