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Mediterranean forest and scrubland daniel miguel y adrian


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Mediterranean forest and scrubland daniel miguel y adrian

  1. 1. Mediterranean forest and scrubland. Adrián Daniel Miguel
  2. 2. Index• Mediterranean climate zones.• Trees and bushes typical.• Famous mammal.• Aquatic birds.• Birds of prey.
  3. 3. • We can find it in most areas of the Iberian peninsula and in the Balearic Island.
  4. 4. Typical treesOAK PINE
  5. 5. Typical BushesRockrose RosemaryThyme Juniper
  6. 6. The most Famous Mammal
  7. 7. Other animals includeRabbits Fox Wild boars
  8. 8. Wetland areas• We can find aquatic birds like:Mallard Herons Flamingducks o
  9. 9. Higher Rockier Areas• There are often birds of prey such as
  10. 10. Finally protected species like Black stork
  11. 11. CreditosAdrian writerDaniel researcherMiguel researcher